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  • Social Networking and Your Foreclosure Realty Business
    Your car looks like a mini-billboard and you have burned up the phone lines in an uphill effort to get your foreclosed properties sold Whether you are working as a Real Estate-Owned (REO) agent or as a freelance seller, you need to up the ante and get on the Internet to sell your products
  • Buy Sacramento Real Estate With The Help Of A Realtor
    If you are planning to purchase properties in Sacramento (Commercial or even residential), it is advisable to look for a trusted realtor beforehand
  • Tips for Selecting Your First Realtor
    Buying a home for the first time is an important step in the lives of most people More than just a place to live, owning property is an investment in a person's future For the many people who rent, the money that they spend each month is never seen again Rather than pay off their landlord's mortgage, many renters are eager to enter the housing market to become homeowners themselves, so they can one day see a return on their monthly payments
  • What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent Before Listing Your Home
    Choosing a real estate agent can be tough for many reasons Here are some great tips to find a great listing agent in your area and what to look for in the agent
  • Top 5 Uses For QR Codes For Realtors
    The top five uses for QR code for realtors are probably 5 of the best I've used thus far But, first, what is a QR code? QR stands for Quick Reference Code and is basically like a bar code

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    • What We’re Reading: February 12-16
      Winter Olympics, humor, robotics, flu, disclosure, managers, and building materials. Wonder what the Winter Olympics has looked like throughout the years? We have you covered. Librarians are the best. Clever girl. Tomi Lattu/flickr/2014 If you didn’t have time for a flu shot this year, here’s another approach to protecting against the flu. Alleged failure to […]
    • New Books–February 2018
      NAR members and Association staff can borrow up to six electronic books, digital audios and/or videos at no cost, through the Virtual Library eBooks Collection. Members can also borrow up to three books for 30 days from the Library Catalog for a nominal fee of $10. Call Information Services at 800.874.6500 for assistance.   High Performance Habits by […]
    • What We’re Reading: February 5-9
      Olympics, rockets, Super Bowl, design, location, and fries. The Winter Olympics begin this week. Here are 8 things to know about the games and their local impact. Our favorite flag bearer is back! Shawn Carpenter/flickr/2010 “Don’t panic” is right. This went very well. Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles (or Iggles, depending on your hometown) on […]
    • What We’re Reading: Jan. 29 – Feb. 2
      New products, tech tips, design, real estate, Super Bowl parties, PR, fitness, and librarians. This is a pretty exciting product from a company called “Boring.” Oh, it’s not that kind of boring? Our mistake. Are you optimizing Google searches? Try these tips. Amazon’s design theme for this space is a little on the nose. Have […]
    • What We’re Reading: January 22-26
      Micro-Progress, shopping, design, niches, Tide Pods, materials, food, and networking. 1. Find article to share. 2. Copy link. 3. Write line about article. 4. Create hyperlink. 5. Progress achieved! Brick and mortar with a twist from the company that moved so much shopping online. Speaking of twists, these buildings and bridges wind and wander. There’s […]

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