Exciting Updates for Sellstate Marketing Materials!

We just wanted to inform all of our brokers, managers, and admins that we have some new additions and upgrades for the marketing materials for the Sellstate Store! We have updated the Marketing Materials Form that you can find the new form here on Sellstate Source.

To find the order form on Sellstate Source:

 • Go to
 • Click on Store (third tab).
• You’ll see sections of text below the Buyer & Listing Presentations box, one of them says Sellstate Marketing Materials Order Form – click on that.

Inline image 3

Just download the form, complete it, send it, and your order will be on the way!

We have a new updated cover for the Sellstate Experience Brochure along with some minor changes for the inside:
Inline image 4
In case you’re not aware, we are now using the Sellstate Career Acceleration Program 1.5 edition. We have the materials available online for you, and also have the handbook and workbook set that you can give your students nicely bounded together for just $20. The handbook has a black wire binding whereas the workbook is blue wire so it’s easy for instructors to make sure the students are using the right book and everyone stays on the same page.

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If you attended the Sellstate Summit, you may have received a blue and black Sellstate zippered briefcase. Due to the positive response and feedback by many, we are now offering it for as low as $8.00.
Inline image 6

In addition to that, we also have circle stickers and bumper stickers to help promote yourself and show off your Sellstate pride starting at 20


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We hope you enjoy these updated changes to the Sellstate Store as much as we do!


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