Sellstate Powersuite Videos on Youtube!

Here is a link to the Youtube channel’s playlist that will be updated over time.

You can now view informational training videos for Sellstate Powersuite  on Youtube that were previously aired webinars!

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All Sellstate Advisors are welcome to sign up for any of our webinars every Thursday at 2:00 PM EST, although all videos will be uploaded online so you can check it out anytime you want. We hope everyone enjoys this valuable tool – whether or not you’re familiar with Powersuite, it’s beneficial to any and all of our Real Estate Advisors!

Don’t forget to always subscribe and check up on new videos that will be added over time!

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Tips to Endorse Yourself Online

Having trouble getting yourself out there on the internet?
Here’s a few tips to get you started or even improve your technique to help get your name out there!

  1. Share on social media

    If you don’t already have a social media account or page, no worries! It’s easy and  FREE  to sign up!

    Having multiple accounts with weekly posts help familiarize people with your name – creating weekly posts of interesting factoids and helpful tips to keep people’s attention and always remember your name.

    To make things even easier, there are sites like HootSuite that you can link three main social media accounts together to send a single post all at once to your multiple accounts.

    If you have a Facebook, you can create a page like we have on Facebook for yourself!

    Here’s a few example of fellow Sellstate Advisors with great pages that you can “like” to learn from and help you create a page, or improve yours if you’d like:

    – Ira Miller of Sellstate Next Generation Realty
    Pierre Souffrant of Sellstate Real Estate Gallery
    – John Werkmeister  of Sellstate Crossroads Realty
    – Nicole Bremer of Sellstate Achievers Realty
    – Geoff Orr of Sellstate ACE Realty
    – Pat Thrasher of Sellstate Alliance Realty
    – Hillary Kulkarni of Sellstate ACE Realty
    Cindy Roper  of Sellstate Achievers

    To gain even more likes, you can promote your page on Facebook for as little as $5 and can limit posts to a specific audience – you can set a specific location, age gap, gender, and specific interests to run for a certain period of time.

  2. Add your endorsement link to your email

    Just below your name and contact info, add a little link that says “Endorse Me!” with a link that leads the email recipient to your profile example, personal website, etc.

  3. Add a link on your personal website

    If there is a way around the Contact Me area or somewhere on the main page or close to the top that you could link your page to endorse you, that would help a lot with your web trafficNote: Remember for endorsements for, you must go through your settings to approve Pending Endorsements:
    – Dashboard > My Homes Review > Endorsements
    – Go into the Pending tab (middle)
    – And click the green check mark to approve


  4. Have an office endorsement party

    Have a little party after hours with everyone and have everyone endorse each other online. Make it fun and provide some food and fun, get together and share selling tips among fellow Advisors (example:. pizza party)

Hope these tips help out our Sellstate Advisors!
Have a wonderful day!

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Using YouTube on Smartphones for Real Estate

One of the most common concerns Realtors mention when we suggest using YouTube for real estate is not having a high-end, sophisticated video camera. When it comes to taking advantage of YouTube’s platform for real estate, not having a decent video camera is no excuse. Most of today’s smartphones are perfectly capable of producing the quality of video necessary to achieve results on YouTube.

Here, we cover how to use any of the major smartphone operating systems to make and upload videos to YouTube. You can use your smartphone to give a narrated tour of a home, record a video bio for your website, or get brief testimonials from happy clients.


Any recent iPhone model supports video capture. In fact, the iPhone’s camera has been known to produce some of the best quality video of any smartphone on the market. Here’s how you record and upload videos to YouTube.
1. Open the Camera app and switch to video.
2. Record your video.
3. When you’re done recording your video, select it in the camera roll.
4. Press the little box with the arrow pointing out of it, then select Send to YouTube.
5. Enter your login information and follow the process, and you will have just recorded and uploaded a video from your iPhone to YouTube in just a few short minutes.


Android is an operating system developed by Google, who owns YouTube, so it is only right that Android powered phones can easily shoot and upload video. Because different manufacturers modify Android in different ways, the exact process may be different from phone to phone, but the general process is similar.
1. Open the Camera or Video Camera app.
2. Record your video.
3. When you’re done recording your video, select it in your gallery.
4. There should be a share button you can press, then select the option for YouTube.
5. If necessary, enter your credentials, and finish the process.

Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Other Smartphones

Windows Phone does not have a native YouTube uploader and, from our experience, Blackberry’s YouTube integration is a bit hit and miss. For these platforms (and other smartphones that have video and email capability), there is another solution. YouTube has a feature that allows you to upload a video by emailing it to a special email address linked to your account. To take advantage of this feature, follow these steps:
1. Log into your YouTube account from a desktop or laptop browser.
2. Click Upload at the top.
3. On the Upload page to the right, there should be a section mentioning YouTube Direct Mobile Upload. Click the “Set up” link at the end of the description.
4. The next page will provide you with your special email address.
5. You can save this email to your contacts in your phone, and whenever you want to upload a video, simply email it to this contact/email address.

Final Words

With the current features that modern smartphones have today, there is no reason why real estate professionals cannot take advantage of them to utilize YouTube. If you don’t have a high-end video camera, or even a point-and-shoot digital camera with video recording, you can quickly and easily record and upload video using any smartphone. With that being said, every real estate agent and broker should be taking advantage of YouTube for real estate.

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Top 3 Mistakes Realtors Make on YouTube

Following up on our original article, YouTube for Real Estate, we’re covering the most common mistakes real estate agents make on YouTube. By avoiding these mistakes, you can fully take advantage of YouTube and grow your business through the power of creating and sharing video content.

1. Making Videos Too Long

As attention spans get shorter, especially on the internet, messages need to be clearer and presented earlier in order to engage viewers. One of the most common mistakes real estate agents are making on YouTube is creating videos that are too long. From our research, 1 minute and 30 seconds, give or take, seems to be the ideal length of a real estate YouTube video. After your video(s) have been posted for a period of time, you can even use YouTube’s Analytics feature to gauge exactly how long your audience watches your video(s). This will allow you to further fine tune the length of your videos based on your audience’s attention span.

2. Not Placing Contact Information in Video

While this point may seem obvious, it is one of the most commonly made mistakes on YouTube. A real estate agent will make a video, post it, then question why the response has been less than desirable only to find out they forgot to place their contact information clearly in the video. Placing your contact information in your videos can and should be done in a few different way. Your contact information should be verbally stated in the video, edited directly into the visual content, and placed in YouTube’s description area. Additionally, your contact information should be added to caption/description/message areas whenever you share your videos on other networks and platforms.

3. Not Sharing Videos in Relevant Places

Using video to promote your business does not stop at YouTube. This would be a shortsighted strategy and yield little results. Unfortunately, real estate agents make this mistake frequently. Real estate professionals should start their video promotion with YouTube, but also take advantage of other mediums of communication to continue marketing their videos. Realtors should also be using Facebook for real estate, and this is one of the first places videos should be shared once they’re uploaded. Email is another very important medium to utilize when sharing videos along with posting the video on your website. Finally, your videos should be shared on other social networks like Google Plus and Twitter. By not sharing your video(s), you’re limiting the reach of your marketing, while sharing your video in multiple places increases reach exponentially.

Final Words

These simple mistakes are easy to catch and correct, and that will put you ahead of other real estate agents who are blindly using the service. Remember, be conscious about the length of your videos, always include yo

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YouTube for Real Estate

YouTube for Real Estate – Your introduction to YouTube for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers

YouTube is one of the most trafficked websites in the world, and when it comes to video sharing, no other site compares. YouTube is available on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, TVs, and other devices. Real estate professionals can reach out to their market through this platform and take advantage of YouTube’s traffic to increase their business.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website. Users upload videos which can then be searched and shared by everyone. The service support multiple video formats including high-definition videos. Users can upload videos from their smartphones and tablets, along with uploading video from their desktop and laptop computer. YouTube is the premier website when it comes to uploading and sharing online video.


On YouTube, your channel is similar to your profile on other social websites. Channels include uploaded videos and playlists, information about the channel owner, and an activity and comments feed. A channel provides visitors with all of the videos uploaded by a user as well as their activity on the website.


Comments are a great way to use YouTube for real estate. By taking advantage of the comments feature, real estate professionals can socialize with their audience and even capture leads all within the YouTube interface.


YouTube allows users to quickly and easily place uploaded videos on other websites. This is done by a process called embedding. YouTube provides the user with a snippet of code that is able to be copy and pasted into a website.

Why is YouTube Important for Real Estate?

Considering that video provides the most information of all the digital communication mediums, it is natural that video is used when promoting real estate. YouTube offers the ability for real estate professionals to connect with buyers and sellers through video in a simple, easy-to-use manner.

How Can Realtors Utilize YouTube for Real Estate?

Realtors can take advantage of YouTube in a variety of ways. Realtors can quickly create and upload virtual tours. By using their smartphone, Realtors can walk through a home while narrating, upload the video to their YouTube channel, then share their new video with potential buyers, all within minutes. Videos can be shared via email or on popular social media platforms like Google Plus and Facebook. Additionally, Realtors can use YouTube to host an “About Me” video that can be placed on their website for potential clients to view instead of having to read through their bio. This gives the Realtor the unique opportunity to really sell themselves, something that cannot be accomplished through basic text.

Mobile/Tablet apps

Because YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform, there is a high level of third party and device support for the site. YouTube is built into all major smartphone and tablet devices today. This means that you don’t even have to be at your desktop or laptop computer to take advantage of the service. You can utilize the power of YouTube from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

How Do I Sign Up?

There are two ways to sign up for a YouTube account if you do not already have one. First, if you have a Gmail or Google Account, click here, then fill in your Gmail or Google Account credentials. If you do not have a Gmail or Google Account, or would like to create a YouTube account that is separate, click here, then fill out the required fields.

Final Words

Agents and brokers who are serious about increasing their production should absolutely be using YouTube for real estate to promote their business. It’s free, simple, and can be used in so many ways, even replacing traditional offerings by third parties.

You can visit Sellstate’s channel at

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