Tips to Endorse Yourself Online

Having trouble getting yourself out there on the internet?
Here’s a few tips to get you started or even improve your technique to help get your name out there!

  1. Share on social media

    If you don’t already have a social media account or page, no worries! It’s easy and  FREE  to sign up!

    Having multiple accounts with weekly posts help familiarize people with your name – creating weekly posts of interesting factoids and helpful tips to keep people’s attention and always remember your name.

    To make things even easier, there are sites like HootSuite that you can link three main social media accounts together to send a single post all at once to your multiple accounts.

    If you have a Facebook, you can create a page like we have on Facebook for yourself!

    Here’s a few example of fellow Sellstate Advisors with great pages that you can “like” to learn from and help you create a page, or improve yours if you’d like:

    – Ira Miller of Sellstate Next Generation Realty
    Pierre Souffrant of Sellstate Real Estate Gallery
    – John Werkmeister  of Sellstate Crossroads Realty
    – Nicole Bremer of Sellstate Achievers Realty
    – Geoff Orr of Sellstate ACE Realty
    – Pat Thrasher of Sellstate Alliance Realty
    – Hillary Kulkarni of Sellstate ACE Realty
    Cindy Roper  of Sellstate Achievers

    To gain even more likes, you can promote your page on Facebook for as little as $5 and can limit posts to a specific audience – you can set a specific location, age gap, gender, and specific interests to run for a certain period of time.

  2. Add your endorsement link to your email

    Just below your name and contact info, add a little link that says “Endorse Me!” with a link that leads the email recipient to your profile example, personal website, etc.

  3. Add a link on your personal website

    If there is a way around the Contact Me area or somewhere on the main page or close to the top that you could link your page to endorse you, that would help a lot with your web trafficNote: Remember for endorsements for, you must go through your settings to approve Pending Endorsements:
    – Dashboard > My Homes Review > Endorsements
    – Go into the Pending tab (middle)
    – And click the green check mark to approve


  4. Have an office endorsement party

    Have a little party after hours with everyone and have everyone endorse each other online. Make it fun and provide some food and fun, get together and share selling tips among fellow Advisors (example:. pizza party)

Hope these tips help out our Sellstate Advisors!
Have a wonderful day!

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Google Plus Available for Real Estate

As of today Google Plus is available for real estate agents and everyone else for that matter. For anyone unfamiliar with Google Plus, I recommend Google Plus Circles for Real Estate and Google Plus for Real Estate.

So Google Plus is Live, Does Anyone Care?

The thing that makes Facebook such a great tool for real estate is that it has a massive user base. Real Estate Agents are able to connect with clients in a new way that in many ways is much more effective than traditional means. With Google Plus being new we have to evaluate whether or not this is the future of social media, a phase or a me too network.

Google Plus was the fastest social network to 20 million users and were able to do so in just 24 days while still in beta. Compare this to Facebook’s 1,152 days and it would seem that Google Plus is set to take over. As impressive as that is, it doesn’t tell the entire story. The latest numbers have shown that Google Plus traffic peaked in July and has been on a decline ever since. In addition to this, Facebook has just implemented major changes that essentially take the best of Google Plus (see How Facebook Updates Affect Real Estate).

Today marks the public opening of Google Plus which means that anyone may now sign up for the service. The question is how many people will? When I first got into the Google Plus beta and started evaluating how Google Plus for Real Estate would work I found that many of the features would be beneficial. As I told people about the new social network, much of the response I received was that they weren’t interested in learning a new social network especially when everyone they knew was already connected to them via Facebook.

Beginning of the End?

So then is this the beginning of the end for Google Plus? Hardly. Google is already working on seamless integration of Google Plus into your Google Account. Log into gmail today? Notice how a “You +” now appears in the top left corner? As you can imagine there are quite a few gmail users out there and Google is obviously encouraging them to start using the network. In addition, every Android phone user is required to have a Google Account, the same way iPhone users are required to have an Apple ID. According to the latest from Nielsen, Android accounts for the largest smartphone market share at 37%. Clearly, Google Plus is going to be here for awhile.

So as of today we officially have a new social network in play and if nothing else, it should be interesting to see how users embrace or reject it.

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Google Plus Circles vs. Facebook Friends

One area where questions are arising is comparing Google Plus to Facebook. Many real estate agents have asked us if adding people to circles is like adding friends. The short answer is no.

Facebook friends require a mutual acceptance whereas Google circles do not. Having said that, once a mutual acceptance is made on Facebook, both users are instantly added to each other’s news feed and can immediately see what the other is up to. Google Plus requires an extra step for a mutual connection to be made but provides some nice features that Facebook does not.

Facebook Friends

On Facebook you grow your database by adding “friends”. One person requests to be a friend with another person. That individual now has the option to accept or deny the friend request. If a friend request is accepted, both people are placed in each others’ collective friend list, and the content they share will now appear in both of their news feeds.

Accepting a Friend Request

If you accept someone’s friend request, they are added to your friend list, and you are added to theirs. They see things that you share, and you see things that they share.

Denying a Friend Request

If you deny a friend request, then no one is added to either friend list and content remains as private as it was before the friend request was sent.

Google Plus Circles

On Google Plus you grow your database by adding people to your circles. A full explanation of circles can be found here. Upon adding someone on Google Plus, you can choose which circle(s) they belong to. Each contact may be added to multiple circles, and Google Plus does not disclose which circles someone has been added to. This is your way of keeping your contacts organized.

Adding Someone to Your Circles

When you add someone to your circles, you are essentially doing two things. You are placing them in a category and you are following the information that they will share. At this point, you will only see what  they share as “public”. They do not see anything you share, but they are notified that you’ve added them to your circles and have the option to add you to their circles.

This is similar to following someone on Twitter. By simply following them, it does not mean that they see anything that you share.

Someone Adds You to Their Circles

When someone adds you to their circles, they will see anything that you share publicly. When they add you to their circles, you are notified, but you will not see which circles they have added you to.You will have the option to add them to your circles, as well.

You and Someone Else Are in Each Others’ Circles

In the previous two scenarios only one person added the other to their circles with no mutual connection being made. As a result they were able to see public posts by the person they added.


John and Marry would like to use Google Plus.

John adds Marry to his “Friends” circle. When this happens, John will now see anything that Marry shares publicly. Marry will not see anything that John shares.

Marry now adds John to her “Acquaintances” circle. When this happens Marry will see anything that John shares publicly. Marry will also see anything that John shares with his “Friends” circle. This is because John is choosing to share information with anyone he has place in his “Friends” circle. At the same time, John will continue to see anything that Marry shares publicly, but will now also see anything that Marry shares with her “Acquaintances” circle.

It does not matter that John placed Marry in his “Friends” circle while Marry had John in her “Acquaintances” circle. Each person decides which group they would like to share their information with. As long as you are in the circle that they choose to share with you will receive the message.


Google Plus sounds more difficult than it is. As with any new system, it takes a few minutes to get familiar with things. Once you get the hang of it, growing your database on either network can be rather enjoyable. If you’re still confused about how Google Plus circles or Facebook friends work, feel free to ask your questions in the comments area below, and we will do our best to clarify.

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Google Plus Circles for Real Estate

It is becoming more and more important to consider using Google Plus for Real Estate as it has continued to gain momentum among Realtors. We have already introduced Google Plus for Real Estate here and have begun sharing beta invites with Realtors here.

Now that more Realtors are getting on Google Plus, it’s time to take a closer look at circles and how to add and interact with others. If you haven’t already joined Google Plus, get your invite here, as you’ll need a profile to follow along.

What Are Circles?

Circles are Google Plus’ way of organizing your online connections. The goal of circles is to allow you to communicate with people the same way you would in real life. By arranging people into circles, you can share relevant things with the right people. On Facebook, you are either a friend or not, while on Google Plus, you can easily place your contacts into specific groups (yes, we are aware that you can do this with Facebook, but it is completely different here).

When sharing online, Google Plus allows you to pick and choose who sees what content every time you post in a very quick and easy manner. This way, you can be sure that the content you’re sharing is only visible by the people that you choose. You can even choose to share content with multiple circles so for example if you had something you wanted to share with family and friends you could easily do that while not sharing that information with your work circle.

How to Create Circles

First, make sure you’re logged in. Click the circles icon at the top of the page. This is where you can edit and manage your circles. Now, hover over the white circle on the left that says “Drop contacts here to create a new circle”. You should now see a link that says “Create circle”. Click the link, and a pop-up will appear asking you to add a description. Here is where you’ll name your circle. Your circle could be named something like friends, family, or clients. After entering the name for your circle, click the button at the bottom that says “Create empty circle”. That’s it, you now have a new circle that you can begin adding people to.

There are other ways to create circles, and we’ll cover that in our social media video series, but this is the simplest way to start creating circles now.

How to Add Someone to Your Circles

Like creating circles, there are different ways to add people to your circles. We’re only going to cover the simplest method with the other methods being covered in our social media video series. From here, simply search, using the search bar at the top, for people you want to add (Michael Darmanin, for example). Once you’ve found the person you want to add, click to view their profile. At the top right of their profile, hover over the button that says “Add to circles”. You will then see a drop down menu allowing you to choose which circle(s) you’d like to add this person to. Choose the circle(s) you’d like to add this person to, and you’re done.

They will receive a notification that you’ve added them to your circles, but will not be allowed to see what circle(s) you’ve added them to. They have the option to add you to their circles. If they do, you will not be able to see which circle(s) you’ve been added to either.

Adding People to Multiple Circles

Where Google Plus has a tremendous advantage over the other social networks is that you may add people to multiple circles. For example, let’s say you have a circle for Work and another one for Friends. Now, there may be a situation where someone from work is also a personal friend. With Google Plus, you may add that person to both circles. This way, your friend will see content that you share in both circles, but the content shared in each circle will be kept separate. You don’t have to worry about friends seeing work content and co-workers seeing personal content.

How to Use Google Plus Circles for Real Estate

As a Realtor, you can take advantage of Google Plus for real estate by organizing your contacts into different groups. This is something that either isn’t possible, or is overly difficult on other social networking sites. By keeping your contacts in groups it becomes easy to widely share certain information while keeping other things more private.

For example, you can place your buyers in one circle, sellers in another, maybe prospects in yet another, and keep your friends and family in circles of their own. When you’re sharing information or content, you can have it go out to everyone or you can target specifically buyers or sellers. This allows you to be sure that your message goes to the right people, and at the same time, it allows you keep your business and personal life separate. Google Plus circles really is a time saver when it comes to social networking.


Circles are just part of Google Plus. They are crucial to how you, as a Realtor, will be marketing. Circles are the foundation of your social network. In order to get the most ROI using this social platform, it is important to define your circles clearly and share content and information accordingly. Keep checking our blog as we’ll post more social networking articles along with updated information regarding our soon to be released social media video series.

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Google Plus Invites for Real Estate Agents

Whenever we’re discussing social networking, the topic of Google Plus for real estate always seems to come up again and again. There’s no denying that everyone who currently uses social media for real estate has their eye on Google Plus.

Google Plus is Google’s new social network launched this year. The new social platform builds on existing features of other networks while adding its own ideas in the process. Google Plus is off to an unbelievably strong start gaining 20 million users in just 24 days. A full overview of Google Plus for real estate can be found here.

Despite Google Plus’ phenomenal growth, the site is still in a beta, invite-only stage. That means that Google is still developing the site and you need an invite to be able use the network at the moment. Google’s reasoning behind this is that they are able to research how people are using the system and work out all the bugs prior to an official open-to-the-public launch.

So, how do I get an invite?

If you’re using or are looking to use social media for real estate, then you already know you need to be on Google Plus. Sellstate, being a forerunner in social media for real estate, has been part of the testing and has hundreds of invites available! We are looking forward to networking with other Realtors who are on the cutting edge of social media.

To get your invite, simply leave your email address in the comments below, and we will send you one within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your inbox, and when you receive your Google Plus invite, click the link provided and complete the sign up process. When you’re done, you’ll have your very own Google Plus profile.

To get your invite, simply leave your email address in the comments below, and we will send you one within 24 hours.

What do I do after I sign up?

Google Plus operates very similarly to Facebook. If you’re comfortable with Facebook, then learning Google Plus will be quite easy. If you’re new to social networking, or can’t figure out how it works, we suggest that you check out their overview. Google Plus has also set up an interactive tour here.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have many contacts on Google Plus or if you don’t see much activity (especially in comparison to Facebook). Keep in mind that Facebook has 750 million users compared to Google Plus’ 25 million. However, with 1 billion users on Google’s services, Google Plus will gain traction in time.

Also, please remember that Sellstate is building a comprehensive social media video series that will include Google Plus. For more information on our video series, click here.

Add us to your circles

We’d love the opportunity to network with other real estate professionals taking advantage of Google Plus for real estate. After getting your invite and setting up your profile, add Michael Darmanin to your circles.

Final Words

There’s no better time to start using Google Plus for real estate than right now. Don’t wait until it’s open to the public to figure out all the features, how to use them, and how to grow your business on Google Plus. Get on board right now, and you can take your time and become accustomed to the platform, so as Google Plus’ user base continues to grow so will your business.

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Google Plus for Real Estate

Google Plus for Real Estate – Your introduction to Google Plus for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers

Social media is all the rage in Real Estate right now. There is no doubt that your clients are on one or more social network, so it is essential as a real estate professional to utilize social media as part of your marketing efforts. We are all familiar with the established social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but what is this new site that blogs are reporting about across the web? If you’ve been on the Internet in the past month, then you’ve likely heard of Google Plus. The question is how will Google Plus be used for real estate?

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is a social networking platform, not unlike Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus introduces some new features to social networking and reinvents others.


Circles are Google Plus’ way of managing contacts. As a user of Google Plus, you’re able to group contacts together the same way you do in real life. For example, you can have Circles for your family, friends, clients, and business contacts, then choose what information is shared with which Circles each time you post. When using Google Plus for real estate, circles makes it easy to keep your personal life and business life separate.


Huddles is basically a group messaging system. Instead of having to call, text message, or email multiple people about a single event or topic, you can start a Huddle, allowing everyone involved to contribute to the same conversation. Group messaging everyone involved in an upcoming meeting is a great way to use Huddles and Google Plus for real estate.


Google Plus allows you to +1 things that you like. This can be anything from a web page to a photo to a video to a comment from one of your contacts. It simply shares with your network that you like whichever item you choose to +1.


Sparks are articles and videos that Google Plus suggests to you based on your interests. These can be stories from news sites or blog articles or videos from YouTube or other video sites. This is a great way to keep up on news that is relevant to your lifestyle. As a real estate agent using Google Plus, Sparks is perfect to keeping up to date with industry news.


Hangouts are essentially video chats in which multiple people are able to participate.

Mobile apps

Google Plus has native apps for both Android and iPhone platforms, though other mobile devices can access the web interface ( Android’s app is currently the most feature-rich while the iPhone app is certainly not lacking. Both native apps have a user friendly interface that allows you take advantage of nearly everything Google Plus has to offer.

How big is Google Plus?

Google Plus has grown at a tremendous rate reaching 20 million users in just 24 days. By comparison, it took Twitter 1035 days and Facebook 1152 days. While that may seem extraordinary, the fact remains that the latest reports show Google Plus currently has 25 million users while Facebook, our preferred network at the moment, has a user base of 750 million people. Keep in mind that all of Google’s services combined amount to a user base of 1 billion people. That means the network has incredible potential to grow once it’s opened up.

Should you use Google Plus?

It is too early for Real Estate to see any significant ROI using Google Plus considering the size and activity of its current user base. The social network is still in beta and invite-only stage and Google Plus for real estate will be much more beneficial when the site opens up to the public and there are more users.

How would I Google Plus for Real Estate?

Real estate agents should use Google Plus in the same fashion that they are currently using other social networks, like Facebook. Google Plus offers an opportunity to quickly and efficiently communicate different messages to different “Circles”. Real estate agents can work on reaching out to new clients, staying in touch with previous ones, and network with other professionals all from one profile while keeping their personal life separate. Also, with the mobile apps available, this can be done on the go in record time, not to interfere with your day to day business.

How do I sign up?

At the moment Google Plus is still in beta and invite-only. You must be invited by someone else who is currently testing/using the network. Keep checking our blog as Sellstate has hundreds of invites that we will be giving away.

Sellstate Google Plus Video Series

Even though we suggest that real estate agents focus their efforts right now on more established networks, like Facebook, we’re not pushing Google Plus to the side. Sellstate’s proactive approach at social media includes having an entire video library covering all aspects of social media and Internet marketing, including Google Plus.

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