What’s Your Best Promotional Product?

Brokers, Managers, and Sellstate Advisors usually have promotional products made to show off their Sellstate pride or leave a little reminder to new home owners to remind them about Sellstate for their future home needs. We have heard of our Advisors giving their clients gifts such as gift cards, personalized kitchenware, chocolates with a business card… What’s the most creative or memorable thing you’ve done with Sellstate? If you’re considering on doing a cute craft idea for clients – here’s our Pinterest with a Housewarming Ideas board to check out!

leave a little reminder to new home owners to remind them about Sellstate for their future home needs.

We’d love to see what promotional products you have made – or even try something we pinned on our board. Share with us your project and we’ll share with others to show off your cool and creative ideas to inspire others! Send us your photos or videos of anything with the Sellstate logo from stickers to shirts to billboards to to see who’s Sellstate’s biggest fan!

We’ll assemble an album of everything we get or find to show everyone to see who’s Sellstate’s biggest fan!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media posts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram with #Sellstate, #SellstateRealty, #SellstateFan, and #SellstateLove!


tag us on social media posts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram with #Sellstate, #SellstateRealty, #SellstateFan, and #SellstateLove!

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Tips to Endorse Yourself Online

Having trouble getting yourself out there on the internet?
Here’s a few tips to get you started or even improve your technique to help get your name out there!

  1. Share on social media

    If you don’t already have a social media account or page, no worries! It’s easy and  FREE  to sign up!

    Having multiple accounts with weekly posts help familiarize people with your name – creating weekly posts of interesting factoids and helpful tips to keep people’s attention and always remember your name.

    To make things even easier, there are sites like HootSuite that you can link three main social media accounts together to send a single post all at once to your multiple accounts.

    If you have a Facebook, you can create a page like we have on Facebook for yourself!

    Here’s a few example of fellow Sellstate Advisors with great pages that you can “like” to learn from and help you create a page, or improve yours if you’d like:

    – Ira Miller of Sellstate Next Generation Realty
    Pierre Souffrant of Sellstate Real Estate Gallery
    – John Werkmeister  of Sellstate Crossroads Realty
    – Nicole Bremer of Sellstate Achievers Realty
    – Geoff Orr of Sellstate ACE Realty
    – Pat Thrasher of Sellstate Alliance Realty
    – Hillary Kulkarni of Sellstate ACE Realty
    Cindy Roper  of Sellstate Achievers

    To gain even more likes, you can promote your page on Facebook for as little as $5 and can limit posts to a specific audience – you can set a specific location, age gap, gender, and specific interests to run for a certain period of time.

  2. Add your endorsement link to your email

    Just below your name and contact info, add a little link that says “Endorse Me!” with a link that leads the email recipient to your profile example, personal website, etc.

  3. Add a link on your personal website

    If there is a way around the Contact Me area or somewhere on the main page or close to the top that you could link your page to endorse you, that would help a lot with your web trafficNote: Remember for endorsements for, you must go through your settings to approve Pending Endorsements:
    – Dashboard > My Homes Review > Endorsements
    – Go into the Pending tab (middle)
    – And click the green check mark to approve


  4. Have an office endorsement party

    Have a little party after hours with everyone and have everyone endorse each other online. Make it fun and provide some food and fun, get together and share selling tips among fellow Advisors (example:. pizza party)

Hope these tips help out our Sellstate Advisors!
Have a wonderful day!

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The 7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Plan is Failing

Marketing is a critical instrument in every realtor’s arsenal, however are you effectively applying this tool?

Social Media Expert, Gail Z. Martin’s book: 30 Days to Social Media Success provides a comprehensive guide to receiving maximum value out of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In a new social media series, Sellstate’s blog will be sharing social media advice that can be utilized to increase your online presence!

Below are Martin’s 7 most common reasons why the majority of marketing plans fail:

-No Planning:

Most marketing efforts fail because there is no link between the marketing actions and the bottom-line goals that drive revenue. Marketing without a plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

-Inappropriate Actions:

If there is no plan, then whatever marketing actions that are taken may conflict with each other. It’s unlikely they’ll reinforce each other or support a business plan goal.

-Lack of Clarity About the Target Market:

Mass marketing is dead. Blasting out marketing without a clear target is wasteful and unsuccessful. You can’t hit a target if you haven’t identified it.

-Lack of Clear Goals:

Not only do your marketing actions need to be linked to specific business goals, but each marketing action should be measurable.

-Unreasonable expectations:

A single press release isn’t likely to create a big spike in sales. One advertisement probably won’t save your company, so It’s important to have a realistic expectations.

-Unclear on how marketing works:

With the Internet, new tools are emerging almost daily and you’ll need to know how to blend New Media and Web 2.0 tools with traditional marketing to succeed in today’s marketplace. Understanding what makes marketing tick is essential whether you’re doing it yourself or delegating it to someone else.

-Insufficient patience:

Did you know that marketing research shows that it takes between seven to 30 “touches” to make a sale? Customers won’t buy until they have an urgent need. Until then, all you can do is create name recognition and a good reputation. That’s the value of the Rule of 30.

Stay tuned for the next update to this series!

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Facebook Tips to Grow an Online Real Estate Presence

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, which provides a platform for both business professionals and brands to connect to their respective audience. Followers and members of business groups have the ability to interact with their favorite pages— Just make sure that your company is publishing content that ignites their interaction.

Keep in the mind the following for future content updates:

If you want more engagement, post relevant photos! Research shows that photos account for 93% of brand interaction.

– Keep posts short and sweet! Data reveals that posts under 250 words get more engagement than longer posts.

It’s important to reply to comments ASAP! When visitors congratulate (or even criticize) posts, take the time to respond.

Remember to include a high-resolution photo of yourself to use as your avatar.

Post messages at least once daily, but avoid under- and over-posting, as that generally leads to low engagement.

Post during peak hours to maximize exposure of your message content.

Look below at a sample post from Sellstate’s Facebook page:

Like Sellstate on Facebook to stay up to date with our weekly updates.

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Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

By now, you should be well aware of Facebook’s recent update to your profile, Timeline. If not, take a minute to read our preview discussing the changes that Timeline brings. Recently, Facebook completed the rollout of this new feature to not only personal profiles, but pages as well. This is big news for businesses, especially real estate agents, brokers, and offices.

First, let’s cover how real estate agents used to be able to take advantage of pages. Before, Facebook pages allowed the page owner to essentially create a completely custom landing page right within the site. Realtors could turn this landing page into a lead capture form that collected information from potential clients. Additionally, real estate offices could create what’s referred to as a “like-gate”. A “like-gate” requires a Facebook user to Like the page prior to showing the visitor content. Both of these setups were great opportunities for real estate professionals. The key to making these custom landing pages and “like-gates” effective was the fact that they could be set to the first thing users see when visiting your page. With the recent update, this is no longer true.

How Does Timeline Affect Custom Landing Pages?

Now, here’s how the new Timeline for pages works. Pages now display the Timeline by default. Furthermore, there is no option available to page admins to change this behavior. If your page has a custom landing page equipped, there are a limited number of ways for visitors to access it. First, there is a link to the landing page which users can click after arriving at your timeline. This is located right under the new cover image feature. Second, real estate agents can promote their custom landing page using the actual URL. These methods produce problems for Realtors looking to maximize Facebook traffic.

What Does This Mean for Realtors?

Realtors are now faced with a dilemma when it comes to using Facebook pages as part of their internet marketing strategy. Directing internet traffic to your Facebook page (displaying your custom landing page by default) used to be a legitimate strategy. With the changes that came with Timeline, this is no longer effective. Since custom landing pages cannot be displayed by default, and the only link to them is a small box below the cover image, sending traffic to your page no longer produces the results it did before. Visitors see your cover image and Timeline updates opposed to your custom landing page. Requiring them to search for a link and click it to get to your landing page to yet again complete another step is cumbersome and yields little results. Moreover, directing traffic to your custom landing page’s URL presents another problem. Custom landing page URLs are long and confusing (i.e. This may work if you’re linking from another spot on the web or an email, but it doesn’t work well for business cards, print, tv, or radio advertising, billboards, car magnets or wraps, and most other marketing mediums.

Final Words

Facebook seems have to crippled one of the biggest methods of promotion common to real estate agents and businesses, while disguising it as a feature. It would seem that these changes come with the hope that page admins will purchase Facebook advertising in order to direct traffic to custom landing pages. For Realtors, we recommend that you continue to use your Facebook profile to grow your database, but think twice before deciding if a Facebook page is right for your internet marketing strategy.

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Facebook Timeline Coming Soon! Preview It Now!

Facebook is changing again this week. Starting Friday, your profile will be replaced with the new Facebook “Timeline”.

Timeline is the new profile. You’ll notice that it looks and feels very different than what you’re used to. The first change you’ll see is your Cover. Your Cover is a large space at the top of your Timeline that is filled with an image of your choosing. This image is the first thing that people see when visiting your timeline.

The next change is how your stories are displayed. With the last major update, news feed items were renamed to “Stories”. Now, your Stories are displayed in a new, aesthetically pleasing manner on your Timeline. This has to be the most notable change to how you’re presented to the world online.

Every activity, photo, and event in one’s life can now be filled in giving a more complete picture of your life.

Unlike your profile which for the most part only displayed recent activity, Timeline shows your entire history on Facebook. In addition to keeping everything you’ve done, users will have the ability to update their Timeline by adding in events all the way back until they were born. Additionally, others can post on your Timeline about events that have happened in the past and these posts will show up in correct chronological order. Every activity, photo, and event in one’s life can now be filled in giving a more complete picture of your life.

Before your panic about even more of your life being on Facebook, you need to realize that you can still control what is displayed through settings. If you don’t want people knowing what you did on your 7th birthday, then simply don’t go back and add it to your Timeline. You will also have the option to prohibit posting on your Timeline using Facebook’s privacy settings preventing others from volunteering information about you to the world.

Right now, Timeline is only available to developers. The update is scheduled to roll out to the public on Friday, November 11, 2011. At that time, your profile will automatically convert to Facebook’s new Timeline, and you can choose your Cover image as well as fill in missing information dating back until you were born (if you choose).

Preview screenshots below:

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Facebook for Real Estate Video Series Preview 2

We are continuing to work very diligently on the completion of our Facebook for Real Estate video series. As previously mentioned we will continue to release previews as we get closer to the official launch of the new video series (For a recap of the Facebook for Real Estate video series or to see the first preview click here).

While we work hard to produce these videos, we appreciate any feedback on the previews. This helps us ensure that we are putting together the best videos possible providing the best education.

Below are a few more videos dealing with logging out, expanding your network and cross posting.

*Note: These videos are not in any specific order and are simply an example of the series to follow.

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Facebook for Real Estate Video Series Preview

It has taken months of planning, filming and editing, but we are happy to announce that the production of our video series “Facebook for Real Estate” is well under way. Currently we expect our Facebook for Real Estate video series to run somewhere around forty-four (44), three (3) or so minute videos outlining each topic covered in our workshops (the odd video may run slightly longer depending on content).

By breaking our series down into a separate video per topic, we are making it easy for you to get only the information you are interested in while respecting your time . Having separate videos will also provide us with more flexibility to update the series as changes occur.

All of the new changes to Facebook’s interface (see How Facebook Updates Affect Real Estate and Facebook for Real Estate & Why the Changes Are Good) will be addressed in our series ensuring that you will remain right up to date!

Below are three videos dealing with the frequency of use required for Facebook, how your EdgeRank is calculated and also some of the key points to advertising real estate on Facebook.

*Note: These videos are not in any specific order and are simply an example of the series to follow.

We hope that you enjoy these videos as we continue to work on the rest of the Facebook for Real Estate video series. As always, we look forward to your feedback below.

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