Sellstate Powersuite Videos on Youtube!

Here is a link to the Youtube channel’s playlist that will be updated over time.

You can now view informational training videos for Sellstate Powersuite  on Youtube that were previously aired webinars!

Webinar GIF

All Sellstate Advisors are welcome to sign up for any of our webinars every Thursday at 2:00 PM EST, although all videos will be uploaded online so you can check it out anytime you want. We hope everyone enjoys this valuable tool – whether or not you’re familiar with Powersuite, it’s beneficial to any and all of our Real Estate Advisors!

Don’t forget to always subscribe and check up on new videos that will be added over time!

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What’s Your Best Promotional Product?

Brokers, Managers, and Sellstate Advisors usually have promotional products made to show off their Sellstate pride or leave a little reminder to new home owners to remind them about Sellstate for their future home needs. We have heard of our Advisors giving their clients gifts such as gift cards, personalized kitchenware, chocolates with a business card… What’s the most creative or memorable thing you’ve done with Sellstate? If you’re considering on doing a cute craft idea for clients – here’s our Pinterest with a Housewarming Ideas board to check out!

leave a little reminder to new home owners to remind them about Sellstate for their future home needs.

We’d love to see what promotional products you have made – or even try something we pinned on our board. Share with us your project and we’ll share with others to show off your cool and creative ideas to inspire others! Send us your photos or videos of anything with the Sellstate logo from stickers to shirts to billboards to to see who’s Sellstate’s biggest fan!

We’ll assemble an album of everything we get or find to show everyone to see who’s Sellstate’s biggest fan!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media posts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram with #Sellstate, #SellstateRealty, #SellstateFan, and #SellstateLove!


tag us on social media posts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram with #Sellstate, #SellstateRealty, #SellstateFan, and #SellstateLove!

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Sellstate is now on Instagram!

Follow us on our new page and see some of the behind the scenes magic!

Instagram Screenshot

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Sellstate Realty Featured in this May Edition of RIS Media magazine!

We are excited to announce that Sellstate has been featured in RIS Media Real Estate Magazine!

 RIS Media Art Featured

RIS Media has labeled us the “The World’s First Complete Real Estate System” in this May 2016 issue of Real Estate Magazine.

We have a featured story with our CEO, Arthur Darmanin, on page 58! Also, on page 70, there is an interview with Sellstate Next Generation Realty, Ocala Florida which is also a great read.

The World’s First Complete Real Estate System.

We are so excited to have such a known and reputable organization in RIS Media validate the unique, complete, and effective design of the Sellstate system.

As an added bonus, Sellstate Realty offices will be getting exclusive limited edition Sellstate cover of the magazines – so be sure to keep your eyes out for your own copy!

RIS Media Front

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Sellstate Signs Media Deal with RIS Media

Sellstate is pleased to announce that it has signed a media deal with RIS Media to promote and bring goodwill to our brand!

The agreement runs for twelve months and covers both physical and digital media. As part of this deal, we will be gaining national exposure to a very targeted audience with monthly appearances in Real Estate Magazine, and in the RIS Media daily electronic newsletter.

Set to begin this March, the extensive deal is highlighted by a company feature which will be run both in the May issue of Real Estate Magazine and online. This issue will also come with a limited run and custom Sellstate cover which will be fantastic for promotion. Other features of the deal include multiple broker spotlights featuring some of our strongest brokers from around the country, a regular contribution piece containing strong real estate advice & tips, digital advertising on, and regular appearances with real estate/technology tips in the daily electronic news letter.

We are extremely excited by this deal and look forward to positive effect it will have on our industry.

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Tips to Endorse Yourself Online

Having trouble getting yourself out there on the internet?
Here’s a few tips to get you started or even improve your technique to help get your name out there!

  1. Share on social media

    If you don’t already have a social media account or page, no worries! It’s easy and  FREE  to sign up!

    Having multiple accounts with weekly posts help familiarize people with your name – creating weekly posts of interesting factoids and helpful tips to keep people’s attention and always remember your name.

    To make things even easier, there are sites like HootSuite that you can link three main social media accounts together to send a single post all at once to your multiple accounts.

    If you have a Facebook, you can create a page like we have on Facebook for yourself!

    Here’s a few example of fellow Sellstate Advisors with great pages that you can “like” to learn from and help you create a page, or improve yours if you’d like:

    – Ira Miller of Sellstate Next Generation Realty
    Pierre Souffrant of Sellstate Real Estate Gallery
    – John Werkmeister  of Sellstate Crossroads Realty
    – Nicole Bremer of Sellstate Achievers Realty
    – Geoff Orr of Sellstate ACE Realty
    – Pat Thrasher of Sellstate Alliance Realty
    – Hillary Kulkarni of Sellstate ACE Realty
    Cindy Roper  of Sellstate Achievers

    To gain even more likes, you can promote your page on Facebook for as little as $5 and can limit posts to a specific audience – you can set a specific location, age gap, gender, and specific interests to run for a certain period of time.

  2. Add your endorsement link to your email

    Just below your name and contact info, add a little link that says “Endorse Me!” with a link that leads the email recipient to your profile example, personal website, etc.

  3. Add a link on your personal website

    If there is a way around the Contact Me area or somewhere on the main page or close to the top that you could link your page to endorse you, that would help a lot with your web trafficNote: Remember for endorsements for, you must go through your settings to approve Pending Endorsements:
    – Dashboard > My Homes Review > Endorsements
    – Go into the Pending tab (middle)
    – And click the green check mark to approve


  4. Have an office endorsement party

    Have a little party after hours with everyone and have everyone endorse each other online. Make it fun and provide some food and fun, get together and share selling tips among fellow Advisors (example:. pizza party)

Hope these tips help out our Sellstate Advisors!
Have a wonderful day!

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Social Media Tip: Perform a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis can accurately evaluate a company’s internal and external environment. This evaluation aids in the preparation of an effective marketing strategy. Many small companies, solo professionals, and home-based businesses fall into the typical trap of focusing on their distinctive competencies, and tend to neglect the presence of competitors. A SWOT analysis provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.

STEP 1: 

Think about other companies that provide similar products or services on a local, regional, or national level.

STEP 2: 

Ask yourselves a few questions:

– Can my prospects get what I offer online or over the phone? (If so, you’re competing regionally and nationally).

– What’s different about my product, service, and/or delivery than what my competitors offer?

– How are the companies I admire providing the types of products or services I’d like to provide a few years from now?

– How are other companies offering value and convenience?


Now it’s time to SWOT your company. Take a piece of paper and divide it into four equal boxes. Mark the boxes “Strengths,” “Weaknesses,” “Opportunities,” and “Threats.”

Fill the boxes with the information from what you’ve just learned about your company and your competitors

Final Step: Forming your Marketing Message!

Your marketing message will want to emphasize your unique strengths and go after available opportunities. At the same time, you will want to be aware of your weaknesses and watch out for threats in the market place.

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The Most Powerful Marketing Tool: The Business Plan

The Sellstate Marketing Studio is continuing an earlier segment on effective social media promotion based off of Gail Z. Martin’s “30 Days to Social Media Success”. The presented principles outlined in Mr. Martin’s comprehensive guide will assist business owners in making the most out of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn and Facebook.

For this segment we will be focusing on a very crucial and underestimated tool in marketing: The Business Plan. Regardless if you have never created a business plan or have an outdated strategy, these tips will help you prepare a dynamic road-map to success:

#1. Define Success in Your Own Terms

Define what you mean by the term “success” for the next 12 months.  Your definition must satisfy your current needs, however it is likely to evolve over time. Creating a measure for success is crucial, because it’ll help you know when you’ve hit it.

Here are some ways to define business success for any given year:

1) Profit

2) Market Share

3) New Product Penetration

4) Media coverage and endorsements

5) National distribution channels.

6) Percent gain in product sales.

7) Industry credibility- speaking engagements, interviews, board or committee roles.

#2. Look for Marketing Gaps!

First align your business plan goals according to your success priorities. Once completed, match those goals to the right target audience. Now it’s time to go “gap hunting.”

1) Are there any goals/audiences without even one marketing effort?

2) Are all the marketing efforts bunched up around one goal?

3) Does most of your marketing effort support your top prioritized goal?

4) Is most of your effort being put into goals you’ve ranked as second or third in importance?

5) Do you have target audiences who aren’t the focus of any marketing?

6) Is one target audience getting all the marketing messages?

7) Are second- or third-goal audiences getting more marketing messages than your top-goal audience?

Make a list of these marketing gaps, because you’ll need to address them across your marketing, and you’ll want to look for ways social media can help you plug the holes.

#3. Defining Your Transformative Value

Before any customer spends money, he or she has to overcome two obstacles: ego and money. Most people won’t hire someone for any job until :

1) They have failed to do it themselves

2) There is enough at stake that continued failure will cost more than paying for the job.

Your transformative value is the way you speak to the consumer’s problem/pain/fear in your own unique way. T0 satisfy the challenge, you’ve convinced the prospect that you have skills they don’t, you will save them money, and they’ll have better results.


#1. Define short/long term goals.

#2. Look for gaps that marketing can improve on (audience and methods)

#3. Define YOUR competitive advantage. What incentive do YOU offer that makes the job easier than doing it on my own?

Stay tuned for the next update to this productive series!

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