Born to Win: The Ultimate Seminar- May Book of the Month

Our book for May is written by Zig Ziglar, a great American author, salesman and motivational speaker. For more than 50 years, Zig Ziglar has used his quick wit, down-home charm, and abundance of energy to inspire excellence in people throughout the world.

In Born to Win you’ll learn:

– To achieve balance by becoming a more complete person in seven key areas of your life

– How to develop and maintain a winner’s attitude and use it to achieve significant personal growth

– How to build stronger professional and personal relationships using your own unique behavioral style

– How to become a better leader, parent, and employee by learning the art of effective communications

– And much more!

That’s exactly what tens of thousands of people have done who had the fortune to attend Zig Ziglar’s 25-year-running and perpetually sold-out Born to Win seminar.

Now, you can experience and appreciate the rewards of his legendary seminar in this time-saving, two-CD program designed inspire a whole new generation of achievers.

Purchase the Audio Abridged CD or Amazon Audible version here:


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