Source 4.0 Update: Official Power Suite Support Page

The newest update from Source 4.0 is the new and improved Power Suite Support page. Power Suite is the most complete and comprehensive technology package in Real Estate.  This amazing offering is provided to Sellstate advisors at no cost.

If you need some assistance getting started, learning how to do something, or want to submit a ticket for an issue you’ve come across, this page will provide you with all the resources you need.

(Screenshot below of the Power Suite Support page)

Feel free to browse all these amazing support options for your Power Suite experience (Click screenshot above).

We believe that Source 4.0 will benefit future interactions with our fully featured website. If you’re interested in what other new features that have been added to your Sellstate Source experience, click on the screenshot above!

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$1,424.55: AAD Payout Average For May. $18,171.53: Top AAD Earner

The AAD Payout Average for May was $1,424.55 and the Top Earner received $18,171.53.

What are you doing with your 5%?

To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here

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The 2015 Sellstate Industry Leaders Conference

Sellstate Realty is returning with its highly acclaimed conference created exclusively for top producing agents. The 2015 Sellstate Industry Leaders Conference is a special invite-only event for highly productive agents in our industry, and is specifically designed to help successful agents transition their business to an even higher level.

The Sellstate Industry Leaders Conference is an invitation-only event designed to provide advanced-level education and guidance to help highly successful agents scale their businesses even higher.

Sharing their industry related secrets will be the following trade professionals:

Neil Cresswell – Sellstate President and Co-Founder.
Arthur Darmanin – Sellstate Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.
John Starke – International Business Professional and Sellstate Realty Pros Advisor.
Michael Darmanin- Sellstate Chief Operating Officer.


The following is a tentative list of topics that will be covered during the event:

-Enhancing Your Value Proposition                             -Website Optimization and Analytics-
-How Staging Can Earn You More                               -Designing More Effective Ads-
-Attracting International Buyers                                   -Efficient CRM Management-
-Advanced Level Photography                                      -Team Building Levels-
-Creating Unique Selling Points                                     -Dynamic Pre-Listing Packages-
-Recruiting Agents to Your Team                                   -Social Media as a Lead Source-
-Training Your Agents-                                                     *Event Agenda Subject to Change*


The 2015 Industry Leaders Conference will also provide a tremendous networking opportunity for Industry Leaders from around the country to share ideas and strategies as well as connect with other top professionals.

September 23-24, 2015

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, will be the official location of the Industry Leaders Conference. With a world-renowned golf course, complimentary shuttle to beautiful Florida beaches, and service and sophistication that Ritz-Carlton properties have come to be synonymous with, this year’s venue is sure to impress.

Sellstate’s Industry Leaders Conference is an exclusive event for Sellstate’s leaders, top producing agents, and hand-picked guests. Invitation packages will be mailed out to qualifying Sellstate agents as well as all Sellstate brokers, managers, and owners. Additionally, Sellstate brokers/managers/owners have the option of inviting two additional agents – these can include agents within their office or from other companies.

What’s Included:
The registration fee includes admission into the conference, two (2) nights accommodations on-site, two (2) days breakfast, two (2) days lunch and dinner the first night

Complete information can be found in the official invitation packages that will be mailed out in the following weeks.

We are thrilled to bring together our company’s most influential members for this exciting event!

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Sellstate Source 4.0 Update: AAD Program

Sellstate Source 4.0 is the ultimate internal resource for our talented team of advisors, managers and brokers. Continuing on the Sellstate Source 4.0 series is the new and improved AAD section. Agent Asset Development allows you to surpass 100% commission and earn monthly income for life!

Under the program, Sellstate pay 5% of commission fees to the sponsoring agent in the form of monthly income. By recruiting quality agents to the Sellstate family, you’ll improve the quality of your life in a secure, risk-free program that was built to deliver long-term financial security for our agents.

My only question for you; What are you doing with your 5%?

(Screenshot below of the AAD page)



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Born to Win: The Ultimate Seminar- May Book of the Month

Our book for May is written by Zig Ziglar, a great American author, salesman and motivational speaker. For more than 50 years, Zig Ziglar has used his quick wit, down-home charm, and abundance of energy to inspire excellence in people throughout the world.

In Born to Win you’ll learn:

– To achieve balance by becoming a more complete person in seven key areas of your life

– How to develop and maintain a winner’s attitude and use it to achieve significant personal growth

– How to build stronger professional and personal relationships using your own unique behavioral style

– How to become a better leader, parent, and employee by learning the art of effective communications

– And much more!

That’s exactly what tens of thousands of people have done who had the fortune to attend Zig Ziglar’s 25-year-running and perpetually sold-out Born to Win seminar.

Now, you can experience and appreciate the rewards of his legendary seminar in this time-saving, two-CD program designed inspire a whole new generation of achievers.

Purchase the Audio Abridged CD or Amazon Audible version here:

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