Facebook Tips to Grow an Online Real Estate Presence

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, which provides a platform for both business professionals and brands to connect to their respective audience. Followers and members of business groups have the ability to interact with their favorite pages— Just make sure that your company is publishing content that ignites their interaction.

Keep in the mind the following for future content updates:

If you want more engagement, post relevant photos! Research shows that photos account for 93% of brand interaction.

– Keep posts short and sweet! Data reveals that posts under 250 words get more engagement than longer posts.

It’s important to reply to comments ASAP! When visitors congratulate (or even criticize) posts, take the time to respond.

Remember to include a high-resolution photo of yourself to use as your avatar.

Post messages at least once daily, but avoid under- and over-posting, as that generally leads to low engagement.

Post during peak hours to maximize exposure of your message content.

Look below at a sample post from Sellstate’s Facebook page:

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The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: March 2015 Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month for March 2015 is written by leadership expert and New York Times best-selling author, John C. Maxwell.  Maxwell’s practical guide, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, details the critical elements of team building that are imperative for success in your business and social lifestyle.

The construction and preservation of a top team is not simple. Even individuals who have catapulted their teams to the highest level in an industry still find difficulty in recreating that same success. What was their secret in reaching this level of achievement? Was it due to strong work ethics? Was it due to “team chemistry”?

John Maxwell’s 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork will empower you regardless of your career path. This book comes highly recommended by the leaders of our company as they are confident that it will enrich the lives of every member of Sellstate.

You can purchase a physical or digital version of the book here:

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$1,222.94: February AAD Payout Average. $10,385.04: Top AAD Earner

The AAD Payout Average for February was $1,222.94 and the Top Earner received $10,385.04

What are you doing with your 5%?

To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here

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Marketing Material: Updated Rack Cards

The Sellstate Experience provides an opportunity to upgrade every single part of a Realtor’s lifestyle. Our company’s unique tools and training develops productive Advisors that close more deals annually.

The Marketing Studio has cultivated new 4X9 rack cards for promotion to clients, potential agents and your local area. These updated rack cards, pictured below, emphasize Sellstate’s value proposition and comprehensive technology package, the Power Suite. Order these by visiting the Sellstate Store and fill out the Order Marketing Materials form.



Join Sellstate today to take advantage of our free direct-to-agent lead generation. Our Real Estate Advisors are provided these amazing tools at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

We believe this material will benefit your future marketing and recruitment efforts.

You can order the new designs using this form.

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Sellstate Book Of The Month Introduction

Personal development is a crucial element of Sellstate’s mission and core values. Our organization is encouraging personal improvement through our new Book of the Month series, in which members can discover a new monthly title on Sellstate Source.

Sellstate’s Book of the Month club seeks to empower our members by providing inspirational literature aimed at helping you upgrade your business and overall lifestyle.

Below, you can find the most recent selection for our Book of the Month.

Learn about the current book of the month: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, from the following link:

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Sellstate Expands Into South-East Florida (Miami)!

Sellstate Realty is rapidly expanding in 2015 and we’re not only adding excellent agents, we’re opening new offices. We are proud to announce that real estate professionals Matthew Krac and Shane Frankovic will be the joint owners of Sellstate Realty Partners in Miami, Florida!

This dynamic team looks forward to presenting Miami’s agents with the industry’s highest splits, lead generation technology, a residual plan, and more. These offerings combined with years of successful real estate experience in Southeast Florida will make Matt and Shane the perfect fit for our innovative system.

Sellstate Partners Realty is the introductory office on the eastern coast, however our national brand already has a presence throughout the state. If you’re an ambitious agent near the Miami, FL area and you’re ready to make a change that will improve your business, lifestyle and future, visit!

Sellstate Realty Partners

1040 NW 3rd Street

Hallendale Beach, FL 33009



Sellstate Realty Systems Network, Inc. is the most technologically advanced real estate company in North America. Powered by exclusive C.P. Technology, our franchises are not burdened with back office administration allowing our members to take the time necessary to properly support the needs of the buyers and sellers.

As part of our beliefs, we strive to ensure that all of our agents operate at the most elite level of real estate professionalism. Buyers and sellers can take comfort in knowing that they will be working with a licensed agent of utmost quality and expertise.

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