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Here at Sellstate we constantly strive to bring value for our talented team of real estate advisors, managers and brokers. Sellstate Source provides an internal database for our members to discover and take advantage of the best tools and services in the industry.

The download section of Sellstate Source provides amazing content for Sellstate members. This content is provided at no-additional-cost.

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Ebooks: Provides advice and tips for growing your business and developing the skills critical to success as a real estate professional.

Logos: Branding is an essential part of any business. We’ve made it easy to get the logos and guidelines you need to incorporate Sellstate into your business.

Podcasts: Now you can get our popular screencasts in a convenient, podcast format.

Wallpapers: Show off your Sellstate pride on your desktop by downloading one of our wallpapers.

We believe that this content will benefit your future Sellstate experience. Click the link below to discover all the great things that Sellstate Source is offering top agents in the industry:

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Sellstate Real Estate Advisors: Host Zillow Reviews On Your Website

The Sellstate Experience is designed to provide constant value for our talented team of advisors, managers and brokers. A few of the numerous benefits we offer Sellstate members include a strategic partnership and enhanced listings with Zillow, the world’s largest consumer home search site.

A recent study revealed that 88 percent of consumers read online reviews when deciding on a local business; an equal percentage trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. As consumers increasingly consult the Web as a first step in their home buying process, it’s imperative that you include reviews onto your primary website – wherever consumers are looking for information about agents.

Real Estate Advisor: How To Host Zillow Reviews

If you are a Sellstate Real Estate Advisor looking to leverage Zillow reviews on your personal site, follow the instructions below

– Click the link to be redirected to Zillow’s Tools:\

– Select the “Reviews widget”

– Sign in to Zillow and copy the HTML Code

– Sign in to your HomesConnect account and go to Apps

– Choose website app and decide which page you would like to host the widget.

– View the website in HTML form

Paste the HTML Code onto your site

Click save to confirm changes.

*Screenshot below*

We believe that this product enhancement will benefit future interactions with your Sellstate web platform. These Zillow widgets are provided to our members at no-additional cost.

If you require any assistance with setting up this service, follow the procedure below:

– Visit the Zillow Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions:

– Follow this link to contact your local Zillow representative or call 866-912-4692

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Develop Social Media Expertise Inside Sellstate Source

Sellstate strives to continuously provide our members with real estate’s most premium tools, service and education. Sellstate Source is the ultimate internal resource for our talented team of advisors, managers and brokers. The industry’s best deserve a reliable resource to assist in their day-to-day operations.

One component of Sellstate Source is The Social Center, and it offers our members a wealth of information regarding social media. The Social Center provides a great resource for Sellstate members looking to take advantage of major social media platforms.

Highlights include:

-Social Media Videos On Demand

-Latest Social Media Articles

-Latest Facebook Articles

-Latest Google + Articles

-Latest YouTube Articles

We hope that all of our advisors, managers, brokers, and owners enjoy the convenience of having this library of knowledge at no additional cost!

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$1,131.24: December AAD Payout Average. $13,290.59: Top AAD Earner

The AAD Payout Average for December was $1,131.24 and the Top Earner received $13,290.59.

What are you doing with your 5%?

To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here

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Power Suite Support FAQ Additions

Sellstate Source provides the industry’s best training and tools to support our talented team of advisors, managers and brokers.

Sellstate’s Power Suite is the ultimate lead-generating assistant for real estate professionals. Recently, we have updated our Sellstate Power Suite Support page to include some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the industry’s most advanced technology offering.

We have updated the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in Power Suite support to include:

  1. How Do I Make Sure My Listings are Properly Associated?
  2. How Do I Add Photos To My Listings?

Click on the link below to be directed to Power Suite Support:

If experiencing any issues, Please Call (866) 774-2947 to speak to any available Power Suite Support Representatives.

If you have a question you want to ask via email, or you want to submit a ticket for any issues, you may email the support team at


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Stay Up To Date With The Sellstate Event Calendar! is the ultimate internal resource for Sellstate leaders providing the industry’s best training right at your fingertips. also provides the latest industry and company news, as well as technical support at the click of a button.

Exclusively for our leaders, provides a convenient event calendar.  The event calendar helps keep our leaders up to date regarding upcoming events.

Where to Find our Event Calendar:

1. Click URL to be directed to Sellstate Source:

2. Go To Manager Support

3. Area is Protected – Type Manager Password.

4. Scroll to the bottom of topics available and choose Event Calendar.

We hope that all of our managers, brokers, and owners enjoy the convenience of having a dynamically updated calendar listing all of Sellstate’s corporate events.

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Social Media Presence And Support

Sellstate would like to emphasize that social media activity is imperative to your success as a real estate professional. We encourage Sellstate members to post regular content in order to create engagement from other real estate agents as well as the general public. Online content can range in the forms of relevant blogs, articles, photos, or inspirational quotes, as long as it can elicit a positive response from followers. Experiment with different forms of content and see which works best for your business!

In order to grow your following, we recommend that our members like and share positive reviews with other Sellstate offices and Advisors for a positive promotion.

Listed below are the steps to implement this initiative across popular platforms:


1. Visit the page you would like to review, in this case

2. Please click the Like button near Cover Photo.

3. For reviews, click on the Reviews tab near profile picture.

4. Write about your positive experiences with Sellstate and rate your stars accurately!

Twitter :

1. On the Sellstate twitter homepage, use the search function on the right hand corner or click this link

2. Search for Sellstate Realty, our image is an animated creature holding a real estate sign.

3. Please click +Follow on the right side of the screen, to stay up to date on Sellstate news.

Google + :

1. Visit and leave location blank.

2. Type in Sellstate Realty in the search box and select the page with Sellstate President Neil Cresswell as the thumbnail or you can click the link below:

3. Please click the +Follow button on the left, in order to receive updates on any real estate developments.

4. Click the Write a review button next to the cover photo.

5. Rate different aspects of the place using the 1 to 5 star scale, and write any information that you think will be helpful in the text box.

6. When you’re done, click Publish. Any reviews that you write will be public and attributed to your Google+ name.

You can share any review that you’ve written with your circles.

1. Visit the page of the business that you have reviewed.

2. Click the share button at the bottom of the review.

3. A share box will appear that allows you to add comments and choose circles or people to share with. Click +Add more people then select a circle or type the name of individual people you’d like to share your post with. If you’d like to remove a circle or person, click the X next to their name.

4. When you’re ready to post, click Share.


1. Visit our Linked-In Page:

2. Click the Connect button

Let’s all help each other succeed and grow together. This synergy is part of what makes the Sellstate Experience so incredible.

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Check Out Our Approved Vendors on Sellstate Source!

Discover and customize your marketing efforts with some of the best vendors in the real estate. We’ve worked with our vendors to ensure that you’ll receive 100% corporate-complaint marketing and promo materials at the best prices.

From business cards and letters to custom badges and yard signs, visit

Scroll to the bottom section labelled preferred vendors and order official Sellstate supplies. Check out our vendors’ websites to browse for tools and gear.

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