$893.60 - Average AAD Payout for January. $9,749.41 - Top Earner

The average AAD Payout for January was $893.60 and the Top Earner received $9,749.41. What are you doing with your 5%? To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here.

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Sellstate's Consumer Reach Expands with Zillow's AOL Real Estate Deal

In the fall of 2013, Sellstate announced a new strategic alliance with Zillow that would accompany its existing strategic alliance with to bring Sellstate’s consumer reach to over 78,500,000 vistors per month!

Today, we are pleased to announce that Zillow has recently closed a deal with AOL Real Estate that will further expand Sellstate’s consumer reach. Sellstate’s Real Estate Advisors now benefit from having their listings featured on 5 of the top real estate search sites in the nation:, Zillow, Yahoo! Homes, AOL Real Estate, and HGTV’s FrontDoor.

See the official Zillow announcement here:

“Zillow Expands Reach With Latest Partner: AOL Real Estate

AOL Real EstateWe’re excited to officially announce that Zillow now powers the home shopping experience on AOL Real Estate®. AOL Real Estate users who search for a home will be brought to a co-branded website, powered by Zillow, and have access to millions of for-sale and for-rent listings.

With this partnership, Zillow is now the exclusive provider of for-sale and for-rent listings to four of the top 15 real estate sites in the country:
Zillow, Yahoo! Homes, AOL Real Estate, and HGTV’s FrontDoor. This provides brokers and agents an easy way to market clients’ listings – for free – to Zillow’s mobile and Web network, which is the largest audience of home shoppers across the country.”

(via Zillow)


Sellstate is an agent centric organization providing their agents and brokers with the best marketing and technology tools that puts them head and shoulders above the competition. In addition, Sellstate’s Agent Asset Development/sponsoring program is second to none with monthly payouts in the thousands.

For more information on joining Sellstate or to explore franchise opportunities please visit

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