Sellstate Group Realty Sponsors Sold Out Mark Sloan Memorial Golf Tournament

Sellstate Group Realty in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, have made a name for themselves when it comes to giving back to the community. Robert Duncan, Broker/Owner, sees to it that Sellstate Group Realty actively participates in numerous charities and events that benefit those in need.

Recently, the Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS presented the 28th Annual Mark Sloan Cancer Memorial Golf Tournament. The proceeds of the tournament are donated to cancer research. So far, the association is proud to have donated over $500,000.

Sellstate Group Realty has been proactive in their charitable efforts and were the official Title Sponsor of the event. Due to efforts from Sellstate Group Realty, the Association of Realtors, and other event sponsors, the 28th Annual Mark Sloan Cancer Memorial Golf Tournament SOLD OUT! All available spots were filled leading to a great turnout.

If you want to join an office who values community and charitable contribution, and you’re located in the Murrells Inlet, SC, area, contact Sellstate Group Realty today!

Sellstate Group Realty

276 HWY. 17 Business South Suite B & C
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

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$753.23 - Average AAD Payout for August. $5,220.90 Top Earner

The average AAD Payout for August was $753.23 and the Top Earner received $5,220.90. What are you doing with your 5%? To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here.

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Dropbox for Real Estate

As mobile professionals, Real Estate Agents can benefit tremendously from having access to their files while on the go from any device. In the past this was accomplished by placing data on physical storage media like CDs or USB flash drives. Now, with Cloud storage, Realtors can access all of their important documents from just about anywhere at any time, and keep these files up to date in all locations.

What is Cloud Storage

The term “Cloud” storage refers to files that are stored online. Similar to how files are stored in folders on your computer, Cloud storage simply means that the files are stored in a folder online. The technology providing this sort of accessibility has even progressed to the point where you do not even need an internet connection to view Cloud-stored files. They are simply updated once an internet connection is restored.

What is Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular providers of Cloud storage. Dropbox is easy to sign up for and provides new users with 2GB of free storage with the opportunity to earn more free storage as well as pay for larger storage requirements.

After signing up, users simply install the Dropbox app on their devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and place files in their newly created Dropbox folder. Any files placed inside the Dropbox folder will automatically sync across all devices as well as online. It’s that easy!

How Does Dropbox Help Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents require their files to be both accessible at any time and to be securely backed up in case of a computer crash. Dropbox provides a solution to both of these while requiring no more effort on the part of the Realtor. By using dropbox, real estate agents will have access to their files on their computers, phones, and tablets. Additionally, Realtors can access their files from any computer with a web browser in case they don’t have their devices with them. This means that not only are files synced between devices, but they are also securely backed up online. A real estate agent using Dropbox could have a total computer crash and lose their phone and still not have to worry knowing that their files are perfectly safe and available to them.

Where to get Dropbox

Getting started with Dropbox is easy. Visit the Dropbox website and register for a free account. Then, download and install the application to your computer. After putting the files you want synced and backed up in the Dropbox folder, install Dropbox on your other devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) by visiting the appropriate app store or market. Dropbox will begin syncing files immediately.

Final Words

Dropbox is efficient, effective, and free. There is no reason why a real estate professional should not have their most important files backed up online. It is simple to set up and makes working with files on the go a lot easier.

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Tech Rumor Roundup – Windows 8, new iPhone and Microsoft Surface RT

Back to school season is always one of the best times of the year for tech rumors. Many companies try to either have their products out or at the very least start getting information out so that consumers will know what to buy for the holiday season. This year is no different so I thought I’d take a few minutes to round up some of the more popular rumors.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is not actually a rumor. In fact it has long been announced and we’ve been running a beta version on a few of our systems in the Sellstate Marketing Studio for months. What was rumored however was the release date. Thankfully Microsoft was kind enough to put an end to the speculation and finally announced that Windows 8 will be available on October 26th. Mark your calendars!

For those unfamiliar with Windows 8 and are planning to buy a new laptop later this year you may want to start to take a look. Unlike the transition from Windows XP to Vista or Vista to 7, Windows 8 presents an entirely new interface known as the Metro UI. For anyone using a Windows Phone 7 device, this interface will be familiar to you.

Gone is the familiar “Start button” and in comes the new “Start Page”. The new interface does take some getting used to but does offer many advantages and makes daily tasks such as surfing the web, checking email or using social networks much quicker. See a preview picture below:

(Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface RT

Previewed in my previous article Microsoft Surface for Real Estate, Microsoft has announced that not only will they be providing a version Windows 8 software for tablets but that they are also going to be creating their own hardware. As per my preview, there will be two versions of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The first will be the Microsoft Surface RT which will be a direct iPad competitor. It will be roughly the same size as an iPad and running a tablet specific version of Windows 8. The Microsoft Surface Pro on the other hand will be a full laptop crammed into a tablet.

It was previously announced by Microsoft that the Pro version of the Surface will be available three (3) months after the release of the RT. Microsoft confirmed that the Surface RT will be available on October 26th to coincide with the release of Windows 8.

(Source: Microsoft)

To go along with the release of the Windows 8 lineup of products Microsoft has been making changes and updates to their existing products. For any, or email users, you now have the ability to upgrade your account to the new If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend that you do! The new interface is clean, quick and extremely user friendly. I have been very happy since making the change.

NEW iPhone

And of course what tech rumor roundup would be complete without a dose of Apple rumors. As is the case every year leading up to the announcement of a new iPhone the Internet explodes with rumors and renderings of what the new iPhone could or should look like. As there isn’t enough time in a day to go over every rumor, below I will summarize the more credible ones:

Release Date – While I am still very skeptical about this rumor, multiple sources online have pointed to September 12th as the announcement day for the new iPhone with the release of the phone September 21st.

New Design – This rumor I am fairly confident in as Apple tends to update their phone design every two years. If you look back to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and then the iPhone 4 which was a redesign to iPhone 4S there is little to no doubt at this time around will again be a new design. What specifically the design will be is still anyone’s guess however there have been suggestions that embedded in the code for iOS 6 beta is the ability to scale the operating system to a taller resolution leading to speculation of a taller version of the phone. Some supposed cases based on the new design have also leaked which were consistent with this suggesting a similar conclusion.

Near Field Communication (NFC) – This is almost a certainty as nearly every competitor has already gone to NFC receivers in their devices. Samsung has been running many commercials showing the convenience of transferring information by touching two devices together.

NFC is basically a receiver in your phone that allows data to be transferred by proximity. This feature is going to lead to payment systems being made using virtual wallets on your phone. Your credit card and or bank information would be securely stored on your phone allowing you to make payments simply by “swiping” or placing your phone close to the receiver at the store. Some rumors have also suggested that coupons, reward points and other extended benefits will be automatically saved allowing you to experience the benefits without the need to carry around a deck of membership cards with you.

4G LTE Support – This is also pretty much a guarantee at this point as once again every competitor has been using this technology for quite some time. This feature was also heavily rumored for the iPhone 4S but never made it in. Given that the current iPad already has LTE receivers built into the Wi-Fi + Cellular versions it would appear to be a no brainer to expect it in the new phone.

Other iPhone rumors include a better camera, the A5X processor (same as current iPad) clocked down to 800MHz, more RAM and to drop the numbering after the name and simply be referred to as “The New iPhone” or “iPhone”.

Look for more fun articles on the latest gadgets as we get closer to their release.

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