Using YouTube on Smartphones for Real Estate

One of the most common concerns Realtors mention when we suggest using YouTube for real estate is not having a high-end, sophisticated video camera. When it comes to taking advantage of YouTube’s platform for real estate, not having a decent video camera is no excuse. Most of today’s smartphones are perfectly capable of producing the quality of video necessary to achieve results on YouTube.

Here, we cover how to use any of the major smartphone operating systems to make and upload videos to YouTube. You can use your smartphone to give a narrated tour of a home, record a video bio for your website, or get brief testimonials from happy clients.


Any recent iPhone model supports video capture. In fact, the iPhone’s camera has been known to produce some of the best quality video of any smartphone on the market. Here’s how you record and upload videos to YouTube.
1. Open the Camera app and switch to video.
2. Record your video.
3. When you’re done recording your video, select it in the camera roll.
4. Press the little box with the arrow pointing out of it, then select Send to YouTube.
5. Enter your login information and follow the process, and you will have just recorded and uploaded a video from your iPhone to YouTube in just a few short minutes.


Android is an operating system developed by Google, who owns YouTube, so it is only right that Android powered phones can easily shoot and upload video. Because different manufacturers modify Android in different ways, the exact process may be different from phone to phone, but the general process is similar.
1. Open the Camera or Video Camera app.
2. Record your video.
3. When you’re done recording your video, select it in your gallery.
4. There should be a share button you can press, then select the option for YouTube.
5. If necessary, enter your credentials, and finish the process.

Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Other Smartphones

Windows Phone does not have a native YouTube uploader and, from our experience, Blackberry’s YouTube integration is a bit hit and miss. For these platforms (and other smartphones that have video and email capability), there is another solution. YouTube has a feature that allows you to upload a video by emailing it to a special email address linked to your account. To take advantage of this feature, follow these steps:
1. Log into your YouTube account from a desktop or laptop browser.
2. Click Upload at the top.
3. On the Upload page to the right, there should be a section mentioning YouTube Direct Mobile Upload. Click the “Set up” link at the end of the description.
4. The next page will provide you with your special email address.
5. You can save this email to your contacts in your phone, and whenever you want to upload a video, simply email it to this contact/email address.

Final Words

With the current features that modern smartphones have today, there is no reason why real estate professionals cannot take advantage of them to utilize YouTube. If you don’t have a high-end video camera, or even a point-and-shoot digital camera with video recording, you can quickly and easily record and upload video using any smartphone. With that being said, every real estate agent and broker should be taking advantage of YouTube for real estate.

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Sellstate Priority Launches New Website

Sellstate Priority has recently launched a brand new website that has been in the making for months! After listening and responding to client feedback, as well as consulting Sellstate corporate on effective web design, Sellstate Priority’s new website is live and available to the public.

The new website is a huge step forward technically and contains a plethora of new content for buyers and sellers. Visitors to the site can expect to find local area information including restaurants, entertainment, and wildlife among others. Additionally, visitors can learn about the history of different Southwest Florida areas. The website features a myriad of tips and pointers aimed at helping buyers and sellers further understand the real estate process. Visit Sellstate Priority’s new website now to see all the benefits provided.


Sellstate Priority has a large team of dedicated real estate advisors. Their expertise and years and experience are sure to provide buyers and sellers with exceptional service and an over pleasant real estate experience. If you’re an agent in the Cape Coral, Florida, area, and you’re looking to improve your business, contact Sellstate Priority today!

Sellstate Priority Realty

3321 Del Prado Boulevard South
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
Phone: (239) 574-8888

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Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

By now, you should be well aware of Facebook’s recent update to your profile, Timeline. If not, take a minute to read our preview discussing the changes that Timeline brings. Recently, Facebook completed the rollout of this new feature to not only personal profiles, but pages as well. This is big news for businesses, especially real estate agents, brokers, and offices.

First, let’s cover how real estate agents used to be able to take advantage of pages. Before, Facebook pages allowed the page owner to essentially create a completely custom landing page right within the site. Realtors could turn this landing page into a lead capture form that collected information from potential clients. Additionally, real estate offices could create what’s referred to as a “like-gate”. A “like-gate” requires a Facebook user to Like the page prior to showing the visitor content. Both of these setups were great opportunities for real estate professionals. The key to making these custom landing pages and “like-gates” effective was the fact that they could be set to the first thing users see when visiting your page. With the recent update, this is no longer true.

How Does Timeline Affect Custom Landing Pages?

Now, here’s how the new Timeline for pages works. Pages now display the Timeline by default. Furthermore, there is no option available to page admins to change this behavior. If your page has a custom landing page equipped, there are a limited number of ways for visitors to access it. First, there is a link to the landing page which users can click after arriving at your timeline. This is located right under the new cover image feature. Second, real estate agents can promote their custom landing page using the actual URL. These methods produce problems for Realtors looking to maximize Facebook traffic.

What Does This Mean for Realtors?

Realtors are now faced with a dilemma when it comes to using Facebook pages as part of their internet marketing strategy. Directing internet traffic to your Facebook page (displaying your custom landing page by default) used to be a legitimate strategy. With the changes that came with Timeline, this is no longer effective. Since custom landing pages cannot be displayed by default, and the only link to them is a small box below the cover image, sending traffic to your page no longer produces the results it did before. Visitors see your cover image and Timeline updates opposed to your custom landing page. Requiring them to search for a link and click it to get to your landing page to yet again complete another step is cumbersome and yields little results. Moreover, directing traffic to your custom landing page’s URL presents another problem. Custom landing page URLs are long and confusing (i.e. This may work if you’re linking from another spot on the web or an email, but it doesn’t work well for business cards, print, tv, or radio advertising, billboards, car magnets or wraps, and most other marketing mediums.

Final Words

Facebook seems have to crippled one of the biggest methods of promotion common to real estate agents and businesses, while disguising it as a feature. It would seem that these changes come with the hope that page admins will purchase Facebook advertising in order to direct traffic to custom landing pages. For Realtors, we recommend that you continue to use your Facebook profile to grow your database, but think twice before deciding if a Facebook page is right for your internet marketing strategy.

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Sellstate Achievers Voted Best Real Estate Office in Cape Coral for 2nd Consecutive Year!

Congratulations to Sellstate Achievers for being voted the Best Real Estate Office in Cape Coral, Florida! They have served Cape Coral with unmatched levels of client satisfaction. Sellstate Achievers has won this award back-to-back the past two years.

The Breeze Newspaper is a local publication distributed in Cape Coral, Florida. Recently, they asked readers to submit their votes for the real estate office category, and once again, Sellstate Achievers was voted best in the area.

Sellstate Achievers is located in Fort Myers and serves the entire Southwest Florida area. Their office features an innovative model, leading education, training and technology far ahead of the industry. If you’re an agent in the Cape Coral or Fort Myers area and are looking to take your career to the next level, contact Sellstate Achievers today.

Sellstate Achievers
5245 Big Pine Way, Suite 102
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
Phone: (239) 985-0777

Sellstate Achievers Agent, Cindy Roper, Voted Best Realtor in Cape Coral!

The Breeze Newspaper also voted Cindy Roper, a top producing agent at Sellstate Achievers, the Best Realtor in Cape Coral. Cindy is a very experienced agent that we are proud to say has been with Sellstate since the company’s inception.

Congratulations to Cindy for your outstanding achievement in the Southwest Florida area!

Cindy Roper
Phone: (239) 281-0856

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REAL Trends Ranks Sellstate Realty First One of the Nation’s Largest Real Estate Firms

Congratulations to Sellstate Realty First on making REAL Trends’ Top 500 largest residential real estate firms! Sellstate Realty First was able to successfully achieve a distinguished status among a very select group of elite real estate brokerages.

Included in the REAL Trends 500 is Sellstate Realty First, headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. Sellstate Realty First in Rocklin, California, ranked number 128 in the REAL Trends 500 with 563 residential transaction sides closed last year.

REAL Trends recently conducted research that reports that the top 500 largest residential real estate firms handled just below 2 million sales transactions in 2011. Overall, these made up nearly 29 percent of all new and resale transactions in the year, yet the top 500 firms represent less than three-fifths of one percent of all real estate firms. The top 500 firms closed 1,987,185 transactions valuing over $517 billion in 2011.

Sellstate is ecstatic about Sellstate Realty First’s notable achievement. We are proud to have such a productive office as part of our nationwide network of real estate offices. If you’re an agent in the Rocklin or Elk Grove areas of California, and you’re interested in taking your career to the next level by joining a stellar office, contact Sellstate Realty First today.

Sellstate Realty First
Office: (916) 784-7653




Sellstate Realty Systems Network, Inc. is the most technologically advanced real estate companies in North America. Powered by exclusive C.P. Technology, our franchises are not burdened with back office administration allowing our members to take the time necessary to properly support the needs of the buyers and sellers.

As part of our beliefs, we strive to ensure that all of our agents operate at the most elite level of real estate professionalism. Buyers and sellers can take comfort in knowing that they will be working with a licensed agent of upmost quality and expertise.

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$886.75 - Average AAD Payout for April

The average AAD Payout for April was $886.75. What are you doing with your 5%? To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here.

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Sellstate Western Regional Office Opening

We are very excited to announce that due to the high demand that Sellstate is experiencing in the western part of the country, we will be opening a Western Regional Office! Sellstate President and Co-founder, Neil Cresswell, will be moving to the Los Angeles area to personally assemble the area sales and support teams. In addition to assisting with an aggressive expansion initiative, this move will facilitate even better support to our existing franchisees with more hands on coaching and mentoring.

Sellstate’s Corporate Head Office will remain at its current location in Fort Myers, Florida, where an aggressive expansion initiative has also been set in place.

With the addition of the Western Regional Office, Sellstate now has major Training Centers/Campuses in South Florida, Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sellstate’s growth comes as no surprise as we offer the industry’s most innovative model, as well as the best technology, education, and support for real estate agents and brokers. Anyone looking to join the wave of excitement may obtain franchise and agent information by visiting us at

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Top 3 Mistakes Realtors Make on YouTube

Following up on our original article, YouTube for Real Estate, we’re covering the most common mistakes real estate agents make on YouTube. By avoiding these mistakes, you can fully take advantage of YouTube and grow your business through the power of creating and sharing video content.

1. Making Videos Too Long

As attention spans get shorter, especially on the internet, messages need to be clearer and presented earlier in order to engage viewers. One of the most common mistakes real estate agents are making on YouTube is creating videos that are too long. From our research, 1 minute and 30 seconds, give or take, seems to be the ideal length of a real estate YouTube video. After your video(s) have been posted for a period of time, you can even use YouTube’s Analytics feature to gauge exactly how long your audience watches your video(s). This will allow you to further fine tune the length of your videos based on your audience’s attention span.

2. Not Placing Contact Information in Video

While this point may seem obvious, it is one of the most commonly made mistakes on YouTube. A real estate agent will make a video, post it, then question why the response has been less than desirable only to find out they forgot to place their contact information clearly in the video. Placing your contact information in your videos can and should be done in a few different way. Your contact information should be verbally stated in the video, edited directly into the visual content, and placed in YouTube’s description area. Additionally, your contact information should be added to caption/description/message areas whenever you share your videos on other networks and platforms.

3. Not Sharing Videos in Relevant Places

Using video to promote your business does not stop at YouTube. This would be a shortsighted strategy and yield little results. Unfortunately, real estate agents make this mistake frequently. Real estate professionals should start their video promotion with YouTube, but also take advantage of other mediums of communication to continue marketing their videos. Realtors should also be using Facebook for real estate, and this is one of the first places videos should be shared once they’re uploaded. Email is another very important medium to utilize when sharing videos along with posting the video on your website. Finally, your videos should be shared on other social networks like Google Plus and Twitter. By not sharing your video(s), you’re limiting the reach of your marketing, while sharing your video in multiple places increases reach exponentially.

Final Words

These simple mistakes are easy to catch and correct, and that will put you ahead of other real estate agents who are blindly using the service. Remember, be conscious about the length of your videos, always include yo

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