Sellstate Source 3.0 Official Launch

After nearly 9 months of planning, designing, development, and testing, Sellstate Source 3.0 is officially launched! now joins the ranks of and by incorporating the same clean and analytic optimized design that has contributed to the intuitive, unified user experience acclaimed by many.

After nearly 9 months of planning, development, and testing, Sellstate Source 3.0 is officially launched!

Sellstate Source 3.0 isn’t just a visual upgrade over the Sellstate Source that the real estate community has been enjoying. We’ve incorporated over 20 new features into Sellstate Source 3.0. This week we introduced our Social Center, Video On Demand, Social Integration, and Mobile Cloud, and that’s only the beginning. Below are some more highlighted features of Sellstate Source 3.0.

To recap:

Social Center

The new Social Center is designed to help simplify social media into easy to follow strategies that will help you increase your business.

Video On Demand

Our Video On Demand (VOD) section uses cloud-hosted video streams to provide you with the education and strategies you need whenever, wherever.

Social Integration

Sellstate Source 3.0 features a deep level of Social Integration including the ability to Comment, Share, Register, and Login all using your most favorite social network(s).

Mobile Cloud

Sellstate Source 3.0 is fully supported by our Mobile Cloud, ensuring you can get all the resources available to you even while on the go.

In addition:

Site Translation

Sellstate Source 3.0 features site translation that supports over 35 different languages. Now, you have the option to view our site in your native language.

Contributor Support

Sellstate Source 3.0 brings forward unparalleled scalability and frequent updates through “Contributors”. Sellstate managers now have the ability submit content directly to the site, making it available to other managers and agents. In our continuing effort to remain the premier resource for real estate professionals, Contributor Support opens the doors for unprecedented levels of collaboration.

Additional Features Include

  • Clean, Analytic Optimized Design
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • “Content first” Layout
  • Social Buttons
  • Facebook Comments
  • Integrated Search
  • Social Registration and Login
  • On-page Contact Form
  • RSS and Email Subscription
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Recent Article Feed
  • Library Articles by Category
  • Recent Twitter Feeds
  • Language Translator
  • Social Center
  • Social Media Libraries
  • Video on Demand
  • Agent eBooks
  • Agent Library
  • Tech Library
  • Agent 101
  • Manager Support Section
  • Agent and Manager Restricted Zones
  • Latest Industry News
  • Vendor Page/Store
  • Logos
  • Podcasts
  • Wallpapers
  • Mobile Cloud
  • Office “Contributor” Support
  • New CMS
  • Optimized URLs


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$800.96 - Average AAD Payout for January

The average AAD Payout for January was $800.96. What are you doing with your 5%? To learn more about our Agent Asset Development Program, click here.

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Sellstate Source 3.0 - Mobile Cloud

Tomorrow, we’re officially launching Sellstate Source 3.0. All week we have been previewing some of the amazing new features that will be included in this update. So far, we’ve introduced the all new Social Center, Video On Demand, and Social Integration.

Our final announcement before the launch is one of the most exciting features ever to be added to a real estate resource website. Sellstate Source 3.0 is fully integrated in the Sellstate Mobile Cloud.

(source: iPhone)

(source: iPhone)

(source: iPhone)

The Sellstate Mobile Cloud evolves mobile computing to the next level. There is no need to download or install anything! By using cloud computing technology, Sellstate Source 3.0 receives a signal from your web browser and automatically detects if you are visiting from a desktop/notebook, smart phone or tablet. will then instantly direct you to the appropriate version of the site. Our Mobile Cloud works on any device with a web browser and automatically formats itself for optimal viewing.

The Mobile Cloud doesn’t stop with Sellstate Source 3.0. Everything available on,, and can now be accessed through our Mobile Cloud from your mobile device. Utilizing an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the Sellstate Mobile Cloud redefines how a real estate company connects with its members.

(source: iPad)

(source: iPad)


We’ve taken an already great real estate resource, and made it even better. By making the information available on your phone or tablet in addition to your desktop or notebook, we’ve allowed you to spend less time worrying about the technology and more time on focusing on what’s important. Sellstate’s Mobile Cloud will reshape how you interact with your real estate company.

We look forward to tomorrow’s launch of the new site and are excited for you to share your thoughts with us!


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Sellstate Source 3.0 - Social Integration

For Day 3 of Source Week, we’re announcing another one of our exciting features. We’ve already previewed our Social Center and Video On Demand sections and we’re excited to continue the unveiling.

We all know that social media has become an integral part of business, particularly in real estate. It is more important than ever to cultivate and grow your network. While most people understand the need to embrace social media, very few people go as far as integrating it into their website.

On Friday we will be bringing you the deepest level of Social Integration to ever be featured on our websites. Sellstate Source 3.0 will be enriched with several ways to interact directly with social networks.


With this new level of social integration, you can now comment directly on Sellstate Source using Facebook, the world’s most popular social platform. There are no fields to fill out, registration processes or verifications. If you’re logged into your Facebook account, simply enter your comment on the page. Additionally, you can easily reply to others’ comments in the same manner.


We all gain by sharing, and that’s why Sellstate Source 3.0 gives you the opportunity to show how much you care by offering the ability to share to Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter from every page. Find an article helpful and want to share that your social network? Just click one (or more) of the sharing buttons found at the bottom of the content.


Sellstate Source 3.0 features sections exclusive for Sellstate Real Estate Advisors. In order to access this information, you must register with the site AND have the password (ask your office manager for the password). We’ve made it easy to register. There is no need to enter your email address, make a password, or go through verification steps. Instead, simply click on one of the buttons on the right hand side corresponding to your social network of choice. Through your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or account, you’ll be registered in seconds.


Once you’re registered for our site, you can log in using the same social network used during registration. All you have to do is click the social icon under the log in section on the right, and you will be logged in automatically. It really is that simple.


We have taken our social integration far beyond a basic “Like” or “Tweet”. We’ve fully integrated today’s most popular social networks into every aspect of our website. With Sellstate Source 3.0, you can Comment, Share, Register, and Login using the same social network you use every day. Sellstate Source 3.0 has also been designed with future scalability ensuring that we will be able to continue to add integration.

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Sellstate Source 3.0 - Video On Demand

Day 2 of Source Week is here and today we want to focus on learning with videos. On Friday, we will launch Sellstate Source 3.0 which will include a Video On Demand (VOD) section. Yesterday, we announced the all new Social Center that will provide our agents with all the information and strategies necessary to use social media to build their business.

For anyone unfamiliar, is our educational website where agents and managers are welcome to visit for training, support, and many other resources. It is essentially their “source” for anything real estate.

Our VOD section will focus on two main areas at launch, our social media tutorial series and screencasts. The social media section will be further broken down by network making navigation of the site extremely intuitive. The screencasts focus on core real estate education designed to increase your business in today’s market.

For your convenience, the videos from the screencast section have also been turned into a podcast series so that you may get all the information while on the go.

Our VOD section will see continuous updates and has been designed to allow for further expansion into other categories over time ensuring that Sellstate Source 3.0 remains current, relevant and adaptable to the ever changing market conditions.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we will be unveiling another incredible feature of Sellstate Source 3.0.

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Sellstate Source 3.0 - Social Center

Welcome to Source Week! Each day this week we will be presenting a feature of the upcoming Sellstate Source 3.0 leading up to the official launch on Friday.

For anyone unfamiliar, is our educational website where agents and managers are welcome to visit for training, support, and many other resources. It is essentially their “source” for anything real estate.

Today, we would like to highlight the all new Social Center. Social media is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment. With the emergence of several major platforms it is also becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with.

The new Social Center is designed to help simplify social media into easy to follow strategies that will help you increase your business. We start by placing all of the educational/strategical information for the various social networks in an easy to navigate hub. From there you may simply choose which social network you are interested in, for example Facebook or Google Plus, and then select either one of the outstanding articles or follow along with our video series.

We break things down from beginner levels for people just starting out all the way to more specific strategies.

The Social Center will launch with articles for both Facebook and Google Plus along with a complete and comprehensive Facebook video series. This will be followed by the addition of articles for YouTube and Twitter as well as upcoming video series for Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter.

In addition to all of this information, we have grouped all of the major Sellstate feeds in one convenient location making it easy for you to follow the conversation and keep up to date on the company Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as my personal Twitter and Google Plus feeds.

Sellstate’s Social Center is the one-stop resource agents need to get connected to Sellstate and build their own business database.

We look forward to sharing more new features of Sellstate Source 3.0 throughout the week!

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"Source Week" February 20-24, 2012!

After nearly 9 months of planning, development, and testing, Sellstate Source 3.0 will be officially launching on February 24, 2012!

To celebrate the launch of the all new Sellstate Source 3.0, we will be presenting “Source Week”, a week of exciting announcements highlighting some of the key features of our upgraded platform. Starting February 20, 2012, we will be sharing a new benefit each day leading up to the the official launch on Friday, February 24. This information will be shared on as well as social media platforms.

We look forward to you joining us for an exciting week, as we unveil our most integrated, feature-rich website to date.

How can you stay updated?

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Source Week Details

Updates: February 20-24, 2012
Sellstate Source 3.0 Launch: February 24, 2012

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If It Seems Too Good to Be True, Is It?

Well, you already know the answer to that question. Every day we are bombarded with email campaigns from different real estate companies promising everything from training, leads, free office space, “latest technology”, support and so on, all with no monthly fees and 100% commissions. My all time my favorite one is the “no E&O insurance” (Do you really want to be in business with no insurance?).

When I see these email solicitations I often wonder to myself, “How can that be?” Every brokerage business is exactly that, a business. These businesses have expenses including staff, rent, utilities, copier, Internet and phones just to name a few. Let’s keep in mind that the owner also hopes to make a profit.

Next time you get these solicitations ask yourself this. How can they possibly offer all this and pay the bills let alone make a profit?

I recently had a discussion on this subject with an agent and his answer to me was “so what if they don’t? Who cares? I get my commissions. If they go broke that’s their problem.”

A common misconception many agents have is that the commissions belong to them. In reality the commissions actually belong to the broker. In the event the broker “goes broke” all of his/her receivables are seized by the trustee who is obligated to pay all the creditors in order of priority. Believe it or not, the agents are at the bottom of the priority list and often receive pennies to the dollar of what they are owed if anything at all.

Naturally people are then quick to threaten lawsuits to receive their commissions, but that eagerness to sue changes with the first visit to an attorney and the demand of a retainer. Lawsuits are both lengthy and costly and ultimately if the broker has gone broke you will only be spending good money chasing after bad.

Please don’t misread what I am saying. No one is suggesting that you shouldn’t try to get the best deal for yourself. In fact we encourage you to do so. But you must be prudent in your due diligence. If the numbers don’t make any sense then either the deal is not what they are saying or you stand a chance of losing your hard earned commissions.

Think of it in these terms. Have you ever competed for a listing only to lose it to another agent who simply overpriced it or made unrealistic promises to the seller?

Always remember… If It’s too good to be true, it probably is!!!!!

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