Enterprise Rent-a-car Sellstate Corporate Discount

We want to take a moment to let everyone at Sellstate know that we have a corporate discount available to you at Enterprise Rent-a-car and National Car Rental. Even better, you and your internal/external family, your customers, and even their families can all take advantage of this amazing discount. On top of that, the discounts are valid both nationally and internationally.

All you have to do is mention Sellstate when booking your vehicle rental. In the event that they need more information, you can use either of our business codes, NA35022 or NA35012 (try them both, see which one is cheaper), with the pin “SEL”.

So, that’s it. Sellstate has set up an incredible car rental discount program through Enterprise Rent-a-car and National Car Rental. We hope that all of our members enjoy the benefits next time they need to book a car rental.

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Google Plus for Real Estate

Google Plus for Real Estate – Your introduction to Google Plus for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers

Social media is all the rage in Real Estate right now. There is no doubt that your clients are on one or more social network, so it is essential as a real estate professional to utilize social media as part of your marketing efforts. We are all familiar with the established social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but what is this new site that blogs are reporting about across the web? If you’ve been on the Internet in the past month, then you’ve likely heard of Google Plus. The question is how will Google Plus be used for real estate?

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is a social networking platform, not unlike Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus introduces some new features to social networking and reinvents others.


Circles are Google Plus’ way of managing contacts. As a user of Google Plus, you’re able to group contacts together the same way you do in real life. For example, you can have Circles for your family, friends, clients, and business contacts, then choose what information is shared with which Circles each time you post. When using Google Plus for real estate, circles makes it easy to keep your personal life and business life separate.


Huddles is basically a group messaging system. Instead of having to call, text message, or email multiple people about a single event or topic, you can start a Huddle, allowing everyone involved to contribute to the same conversation. Group messaging everyone involved in an upcoming meeting is a great way to use Huddles and Google Plus for real estate.


Google Plus allows you to +1 things that you like. This can be anything from a web page to a photo to a video to a comment from one of your contacts. It simply shares with your network that you like whichever item you choose to +1.


Sparks are articles and videos that Google Plus suggests to you based on your interests. These can be stories from news sites or blog articles or videos from YouTube or other video sites. This is a great way to keep up on news that is relevant to your lifestyle. As a real estate agent using Google Plus, Sparks is perfect to keeping up to date with industry news.


Hangouts are essentially video chats in which multiple people are able to participate.

Mobile apps

Google Plus has native apps for both Android and iPhone platforms, though other mobile devices can access the web interface ( Android’s app is currently the most feature-rich while the iPhone app is certainly not lacking. Both native apps have a user friendly interface that allows you take advantage of nearly everything Google Plus has to offer.

How big is Google Plus?

Google Plus has grown at a tremendous rate reaching 20 million users in just 24 days. By comparison, it took Twitter 1035 days and Facebook 1152 days. While that may seem extraordinary, the fact remains that the latest reports show Google Plus currently has 25 million users while Facebook, our preferred network at the moment, has a user base of 750 million people. Keep in mind that all of Google’s services combined amount to a user base of 1 billion people. That means the network has incredible potential to grow once it’s opened up.

Should you use Google Plus?

It is too early for Real Estate to see any significant ROI using Google Plus considering the size and activity of its current user base. The social network is still in beta and invite-only stage and Google Plus for real estate will be much more beneficial when the site opens up to the public and there are more users.

How would I Google Plus for Real Estate?

Real estate agents should use Google Plus in the same fashion that they are currently using other social networks, like Facebook. Google Plus offers an opportunity to quickly and efficiently communicate different messages to different “Circles”. Real estate agents can work on reaching out to new clients, staying in touch with previous ones, and network with other professionals all from one profile while keeping their personal life separate. Also, with the mobile apps available, this can be done on the go in record time, not to interfere with your day to day business.

How do I sign up?

At the moment Google Plus is still in beta and invite-only. You must be invited by someone else who is currently testing/using the network. Keep checking our blog as Sellstate has hundreds of invites that we will be giving away.

Sellstate Google Plus Video Series

Even though we suggest that real estate agents focus their efforts right now on more established networks, like Facebook, we’re not pushing Google Plus to the side. Sellstate’s proactive approach at social media includes having an entire video library covering all aspects of social media and Internet marketing, including Google Plus.

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Social Media Video Series in Pre Production

As many of you have been reading, Chris and I have been touring the local offices providing workshops on various social media networks. Thus far we have covered Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging.

We have had requests from people both around the country and those who have attended the sessions to place the workshops into an online format. Right from the beginning of this tour the plan was in place to create a video series and the local events served the dual purpose of helping our members learn and become efficient with social media as well as provide us with valuable insight as to the common questions and the various levels of knowledge.

Having gone through several workshops we are please to say that we have refined the presentations and are now in the pre production stage of the video series. Facebook will be the first topic covered and is scheduled to begin shooting next week.

We thank everyone for their patience and look forward to your feedback on the videos.

Please see below for some of the feedback from the live events.

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Sellstate Priority fills the room for Facebook and YouTube Workshop

Sellstate Priority in Cape Coral, Florida, recently hosted a Facebook and YouTube workshop. Lynda Moritz, office manager, filled the room and provided her agents with the opportunity to learn tips and strategies for using these social media platforms to grow their business.

Sellstate‘s workshops cover everything today’s real estate agents need to know about specific social media platforms from creating an account to proven, lead generating strategies.

Sellstate Priority
3321 Del Prado Blvd. S Suite 7
Cape Coral, FL 33904

(239) 574-8888
Facebook (Sellstate Priority Realty)

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Sellstate Premier Realty hosts Blogging Workshop

Sellstate Premier Realty in Fort Myers, FL, hosted a blogging workshop on August 18, 2011, allowing their agents to become more informed and knowledgeable on how to increase their business using the power of blogs.

Blogging in real estate isn’t new; however, many agents today either don’t have a blog or are not operating their current blog to its full potential. This workshop provided attendees with the strategies and direction needed to take full advantage of blogging.

Sellstate‘s blog can be found at

Sellstate Premier Realty is located at 1500 Royal Palm Square Blvd. Suite 101, Ft. Myers, FL 33919, (239) 333-2020,SellstatePremier.comSellstate Premier on Facebook.

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How do you make more money and work less?

It sounds like a loaded question, but the answer is very simple if you’re willing to listen and do something about it.

The real estate industry has not changed although the market has dramatically shifted over the last few years. Because of this, the answer is and will always be the same, LIST MORE! The best part is that the solution is easy if you are ready to take some action steps to make sure it happens.

When I travel the country speaking to different groups I always ask the question “how many of you have gone to visit an expired listing over the last 30 days?” The results are always the same, zero, or next to no hands up. So that is your competition and a good place to start.

…the answer is and will always be the same, LIST MORE!

Visit expired listings. Don’t call, mail, email, subscribe to a service or the get involved with the vast inventory of impersonal ways we have adopted in the industry as a way to avoid personal contact.

Pick the listings you want, in the area you want, and in a price range you want. Stop by at least two a day and bring a well prepared pre list package in an overnight envelope to leave in the event they are not home. How can anyone argue that if you stopped by 10 expires a week, 40 per month and started building a large pipe line of potential listings that your inventory would not grow substantially?

This process will not only increase your listing inventory but also your buyer lead generation will soar. Assuming you get 20 new listings they will generate at least 60 buyer calls a month and if you repeat this process the following month you will be busier than ever.

Listing agents have always made the most money in the industry because they spend less time per closed transaction. In addition to this they get the spin off from sign calls, online calls from listing being loaded on major web sites, not to mention referrals and an endless free stream of leads though many other sources.

This process will not only increase your listing inventory but also your buyer lead generation will soar.

Getting more listings is a lot easier than most of you want to believe but it has not changed. The secret is you have to PROSPECT. What are you doing every day that is effectively putting you in front of people that actually what to sell their home? How are you using your sphere of influence, and social media sources? Are you making at least 3-5 calls a day to people who know and like you from family, friends and past clients asking them a simple question “Do you know anyone who is thinking of selling their home”? Or do you use a short sale script offering your expertise in getting people out of that huge mortgage that they cannot afford to pay for much longer? Sellers do not come to you. You need to find them and should be spending time EVERYDAY prospecting.

Put it in your plan, write it down and make sure it happens EVERYDAY. If you do nothing more than visit 2 expired listing a day and make 5 prospecting calls to your sphere of influence your listing inventory will begin growing and your lead generation will also start working for FREE.

If it is so easy why does everyone not have a large listing inventory? The answer to that is very simple also, very few agents do the simple things it takes to make more money and work less. I hope that you are one of them as there has never been a better time to get started.

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The Cloud is Here, Get Ready to Use It

One of the newer terms in the tech world that everyone needs to pay attention to is “The Cloud”. Microsoft has been running commercials with the tag line “To the cloud”, Google has “Google Docs” through Gmail and Apple is getting ready to unveil iCloud. The question I keep getting asked is… “what is the cloud?”

Before I tell you what the cloud is, let’s take a look at what the cloud does. The cloud stores your documents online. Photos, videos, files, PDFs, you name it. The cloud can backup your computer and the cloud lets you share these documents with others. It will even allow you to work on the same document simultaneously with other users. Put another way, I could create a Google Doc or Microsoft Word or Excel file, start typing and while I’m doing this, you could log into the document and make adjustments in real time.

The cloud sounds pretty great doesn’t it? So, ready for the big reveal?

“The cloud” is another name for “online”. When you see services being offered by Microsoft, Google, Apple, DropBox and so on what they are really doing is offering you a new way to store and work with documents online. Gmail offers email as well as personal storage space for any files you wish to backup. From there, you may log onto any computer connected to the Internet and access your email and files. iCloud is Apple’s new solution to auto saving and syncing your apps, photos, videos and downloads and Microsoft refers to their online storage as “Sky Drive”.

“The cloud” is another name for “online”.

Before you dismiss the cloud as just another label for something that has been around for awhile, what you should be taking note of is how easy it has become to securely backup and share your documents online. These services are typically free for the amount of space most of us require (costs do apply for additional storage space) and very easy to access.

Instead of paying for online backup or having to install software to do this, simply create a Gmail or MSN/Live/Hotmail account and just upload your docs.

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Sellstate Achievers Hosts 2-Day Social Media Workshop

Sellstate Achievers in Fort Myers, Florida, hosted a 2-day social media workshop on August 2-3, 2011. The workshop, led by Michael Darmanin, covered social networking platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Agents who attended walked away with a wealth of knowledge on how to leverage the large user bases of these networks to their advantage and grow their business.

Sellstate plans on making the content of this workshop available to members of the company on a nationwide scale in the coming weeks.

Michael Darmanin is Sellstate’s C.O.O. and resident technology enthusiast with a vast amount of knowledge in modern computing and social networking.

Sellstate Achievers is located at 8931 Conference Dr. Suite 6, Fort Myers, FL 33919, (239) 985-0777,,, Sellstate Achievers on Facebook.

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